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Iowa-Northwestern Rescheduled for January 31

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 15 Maryland at Iowa Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Iowa’s game with Northwestern, originally scheduled for January 18 but postponed due to a Covid outbreak in the Northwestern camp, has officially been rescheduled.

This is a decent outcome for both teams, as both had time off at that point in their respective schedules. Iowa had a bye week between January 29 and February 4 so this fits nicely into that week. Iowa now has Rutgers on the 29th, Northwestern on the 31st, and Illinois on the 4th. They get their bye week now instead of 2 weeks from now and the 3-game home stand they were supposed to have this week is back on.

For Northwestern, they now have the short trip to Iowa City squeezed in between home games of their own against Minnesota and Michigan on January 28 and February 2. The bigger problem for Northwestern might be that they have another game to make up beyond Iowa - Wisconsin coach Greg Gard indicated in last night’s postgame press conference that he thought their upcoming game with the Wildcats this weekend would also be postponed, though that has not been made official.

Iowa returns to action Saturday with a road trip to Ohio State.