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Iowa Football: Hawkeyes Release Depth Chart Ahead of Iowa State Matchup

We got not one, but TWO depth charts on Monday from the Hawkeyes!

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Guess who is still listed as a starter?
Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Iowa Hawkeyes released an updated depth chart on Monday afternoon ahead of their week two matchup with the Iowa State Cyclones. As we learned a week ago when head coach Kirk Ferentz was surprised to learn that Gennings Dunker wasn’t on the depth chart during his weekly media availability, these should be taken with a pretty large grain of sale.

Having said that, it’s probably time to queue the carnival music because things are just getting ridiculous at this point in Iowa City. For starters, the Hawkeyes released an official depth chart, which was not the same as the one released a week ago, only to retract it shortly thereafter. Perhaps this is the internal depth chart the media isn’t supposed to know about. Perhaps someone hit send too early. Or perhaps nobody in the office has a clue what’s going one.

Regardless, here’s a look at the first iteration of the depth chart released on Monday.

Image via @ScottDochterman

As noted, that version was scrapped shortly thereafter with a pretty significant change. No, not the one you’re hoping for.

Here’s a look at the, apparently, final version of this week’s depth chart for the showdown with Iowa State. Keagan Johnson is not listed after making the first iteration. There were no changes to the defense in the revised version.

Image via @ChadLeistikow

Noted Notables

  • Let’s just start with it. WTF? Keagan Johnson was a no go a week ago, then makes some version of the depth chart this week only to be removed? I mean, WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE?
  • What exactly does Spencer Petras have to do to get benched? I mean, I’m an apologist but a 1.2 QBR is, like, as bad as you can possibly get. Alex Padilla was not better than Petras in 2021 but it’s no longer 2021. If he isn’t better than 1.2 WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING TO COACH THESE GUYS?!?!
  • OH HEY LOOK JESTIN JACOBS ISN’T LISTED THIS WEEK! This is starting to get ridiculous. We’re a week in and we’re missing basically the entire WR room, a slew of offensive linemen, a starting RB and now a starting LB. WHO PISSED OFF THE AIRBHG ENOUGH TO TURN HIM/HER/THEY INTO AN AIP(layer)HG?!?!
  • Speaking of RB, looks like Gavin Williams is back. That is if this depth chart means literally anything at all.
  • There’s no real reason to believe it does mean anything since Gennings Dunker, one of six Iowa offensive lineman to play any snaps in week one, is once again absent. That’s in BOTH iterations of Monday’s depth charts, despite Kirk saying he should have been on there a week ago. He’s probably hurt too, eh (this is a joke, there is no indication he is injured, just that these depth charts are a massive troll job)?
  • Speaking of offensive line shenanigans, that second chart comes with a shakeup there. Nick DeJong, who played something like 60 snaps a week ago as a starter is no longer listed in the revised version. Tyler Elsbury jumps into the starter role at LG.
  • On the other side of the OL, Connor Colby slides inside to RG in the revised version. That moves Jack Plumb into the starter spot at RT.
  • And finally, nobody knows who is doing what on special teams. Look at all those “OR”s. Thank God Tory Taylor is still listed.

We’ll see if Iowa releases any other versions of the depth chart ahead of Tuesday’s media availability from Kirk Ferentz. He’s sure to totally throw this entire thing away by then anyway.