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College Football Week 3 Reactions: Rank Kansas Now!

2007 all over again?

NCAA Football: Kansas at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I have been told by several of you that this article is not called “Rankings Reaction” as I have called it the first couple of weeks but rather “Poll Reaction”. After having checked past iterations of this piece I have two things to say. First, you are correct. Second, the Hawks have a long way to go before it matters so let me be. Here are the rankings after three (four if you count week 0) weeks of play brought to you by On3sports.

I will get this out of the way first, The Big Ten is bad folks. It’s beginning to feel like the days of Ohio. St, Michigan and everybody else. Those two find themselves in the top 4 with Penn. St being the only other team from the conference who’s looked good in the polls after a blowout win at Auburn. Michigan. St, who was VASTLY overrated, is the second Big Ten team to be ousted from a poll (should have been both) by a school from Washington in as many weeks (Washington State beat Wisconsin week 2). The Big Ten West only has one undefeated team in Minnesota but the pollsters aren't impressed with the three puddles PJ Fleck’s canoe has forded this month.

Big Ten aside, there is something peculiar about this year... Is anybody other than Georgia elite? Looking through the rankings, all these teams have flaws and several are reaping the benefit of early wins that don’t look all that great anymore.

Here is my rant in a run on sentence... Kentucky is in the top 10 because they beat a Florida team who beat Utah but just gave up 300 yards rushing to South Florida in a flukey win, Arkansas was getting beat 17-0 to MISSOURI STATE and needed 4th quarter magic to avoid an upset, Alabama looked flawed against a Texas team who barely slipped past UTSA this week and who’s best “Win” this year is a LOSS to Alabama, Clemson and Texas A&M’s offense looks nearly as bad as Iowa’s. Miami lost to that same Texas A&M team because their offense was even worse than A&M’s, then you have Oregon who was PLASTERED by Georgia, but PLASTERED a BYU team that beat Baylor at home last week, Lane Tiffin and Tennessee can score 100 but can give up 101 while Ole Miss can score 100 and give up 101 and they want to throw golf balls at Lane Tiffin, Washington’s quarterback is a transfer from Indiana who was chewed up and spat out last year in the Big Ten, Wake Forest should have lost last night to Liberty, and Pitt makes me mad because Iowa should be able to have the same damn offense!!!

Feeling better now thanks for hanging in there for me.

So what does this all mean? IT MEANS KANSAS SHOULD BE FREAKING RANKED! Hell, for that matter, so should undefeated Syracuse, Duke, North Carolina and Rutgers! The term “full sicko mode” has been used in conjunction with Iowa’s and other teams offensive outputs this year so let’s go full sicko mode with the rankings as well! Kansas has an offense that will give the Big 12 fits this year, mark it down. The pressure to face this squad must be overwhelming as well as evidenced by the fact that Kansas’ latest victim Houston, was rendered to fighting each other on the sideline this week.

They deserve to be ranked before Lance Leipold ditches to Nebraska.

North Carolina is 3-0 with a win over the same App. St team that beat Texas A&M in College station yet A&M is ranked! Duke crushed the mighty Northwestern Wildcats last week in Evanston. And Syracuse just beat a Purdue team that we as Iowa fans know is a team that is impossible to beat even though they end every season with 4-6 losses.

So please voters, if the rankings are going to be so nonsensical anyways, just give the country what it wants, neigh, give the country what it NEEDS! Give us RANKED KANSAS!