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The complementary football scorecard: Iowa State

We are nearing rock bottom’s basement

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Gotta love a copy and paste lede: “It’s hard to envision a worse game offensively than what we saw Saturday.” They snagged a single touchdown, though they also missed another field goal. They added three turnovers for a season total of 5. Absolutely brutal.

Iowa losing to Iowa State is foreboding for the season, writ large, too. The most games Iowa has won under Kirk Ferentz after an L to our frenemies out west, is, of course, 2002’s 10-win outfit. Behind that group are a handful of 7-win seasons (2001, 2005, 2011, & 2014) and then despair. Not fun. And Saturday’s loss isn’t reminiscent of the 2002 game at all.

We’ll start rolling the weeks together and doing some comparisons as every team gets into conference play. Let’s get to the stats from Saturday Team Rankings.

Last week in complementary football

(Reminder of the weightings here and stats here)

  • 50% - Win or loss: haha. I’ve talked myself about three ways into the fact that Iowa should have won (Arland Bruce trip, Monte Pottebaum fumble, bad Cooper DeJean penalty) but when you play so many games the way Kirk Ferentz’s Iowa plays football, this can be said about any loss. Or any win.
  • 33% - turnovers, time of possession, & offensive touchdowns: The Hawkeyes three turnovers make five on the season. It’s the second time in as many seasons Iowa has had 2+ turnovers in two straight games (Purdue & Wisconsin). Before that, the first two games of 2020. This is the biggest issue Iowa has to turn around.

Time of possession was also a nightmare, as only four teams had a lower TOP than the Hawks (21:45) in their previous game.

The percentiles were: 20th, 3rd, & 23rd.

  • 17% - 3rd down conversion, yards/carry, completion percentage, QB sacks: The high point here was just one sack of Spencer Petras. Other than that, Iowa struggled big-time as many of the failures here directly contributed to the laughable time of possession.

The stats of 27.3% 3rd down conversion, 2.3 YPC, 46.2% completion, and 1 sack rank: 26th, 15th, 11th, and 80th.

All together, That tabulates to ... (.50 * 0) + (.33 * .15) + (.17 * .33) = .106.

So the .14 from last week dipped to .11 this week. Truly abysmal.

At least Iowa has two cameos from Hawkeye-adjacent personalities making fun of Iowa’s offensive output!