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Hawkeyes Release Week 3 Depth Chart: Spencer Petras Named Starter vs. Nevada

It likely means nothing, but it’s enough to draw the ire of Hawkeye fans.

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Spencer Petras is your starter. Again.
Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

Well, it’s Groundhog’s Day. Again.

The Iowa Hawkeyes released their week three depth chart and game notes on Monday afternoon. After sounding like things would be evaluated following a 10-7 loss to Iowa State on Saturday, Kirk Ferentz has opted to make no meaningful changes heading into a week four matchup with Nevada.

That’s likely to stir up some emotions in Hawkeye fans who have been clamoring for change dating back to last season. The Iowa offense has been absolutely abysmal through two games, ranking dead last nationally in total offense (158 yards per game), scoring (7 ppg) and total TDs (1), which has led to fans vocally advocating for any change on that side of the ball inside Kinnick Stadium. As of yet, there have been none.

Here’s a look at the full depth chart as released by the Iowa SID on Monday.

Image via @ScottDochterman

Noted Notables

  • None. There are no notable items here. While the initial inclination is to jump through the keyboard about Spence Petras STILL being listed as the starter at QB, there’s an important note to make: THERE IS NOT A SINGLE CHANGE TO ANYTHING ON THIS DEPTH CHART ON OFFENSE OR DEFENSE. That is, throw this in the garbage along with both depth charts Iowa released a week ago, neither of which matched the actual starters.
  • There are fewer, but still several, ORs in the Specialists group.
  • So wait, they took the time to update the Specialists but not anything else? KIRK FERENTZ IS JUST TROLLING US ALL AT THIS POINT.
  • KF meets with the media on Tuesday. He will absolutely be asked about the starting QB and the miserable excuse of an offense that has trotted out on the Kinnick turf each of the last two weeks. He is unlikely to actually announce anything meaningful and we won’t know for sure what is happening with this team until we see it live on Saturday evening.

Check back next week where we post the exact same thing all over again!