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Iowa football: pre-camp depth chart released

Cooper DeJean HYPE season has begun

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Heyo, Big Ten Media Days have begun which means it is the perfect time for the Iowa Hawkeyes to release their depth chart, seen below.

Now, we didn’t post the spring depth chart because we were still licking the wounds of the Iowa basketball losses in the NCAA Tournaments but here are the most notable changes I can parse.


  • The line shuffled. Most notably, Logan Jones went from backup to the backup at center to starting at the position after spending much of his first two seasons as a defensive lineman. Yes, we’ve heard this story before in terms of Tyler Linderbaum’s trajectory. With that move, it slid Tyler Elsbury over to the one-line at left guard (is Justin Britt facing another injury?). New backups include Mike Myslinski at center and some adjustments behind the four static positions (Fagan from C to LG & Stephens from LG to RG).
  • No changes at RT. I break this one out by itself because conspiracy theory: Connor Colby is the best lineman on that side and it seems silly for him to keep him at guard. Is Iowa keeping Jack Plumb - the only senior starter in the trenches - so that his departure will open the door to super recruit Kadyn Proctor having a crack at that job the second he steps on campus?
  • Labas off. It was an alleged open competition going into spring, which put Joey Labas’ name on the spring iteration. He’s not there any more which is notable insomuch as it solidifies what many thought heading into the spring: it’s still Spencer Petras’ job.
  • New WR emerges. Alec Wick is named as the backup to Keagan Johnson over Jackson Ritter from spring. No doubt Hoya will have an “I told you so” in the comments.


  • Cooper DeJean at Cash. After spending the spring at corner on the depth chart, he’s taken Sebastian Castro’s role on the depth chart as cash/backup strong safety. Does this mean CDJ might actually be the starter at strong safety and slide over to the cash position when Iowa’s in a 5 DB lineup? That’s how Phil Parker managed DBs with Dane Belton through much of his time at Iowa.
  • New backups in a couple spots. Ethan Hurkett is where Max Llewellyn used to be. Reggie Bracy instead of Jaxon Rexroth. Former Phil Parker Special, Brandon Deasfernandes, now that DeJean has moved elsewhere.
  • Jermari Harris still with his starting spot. He’ll miss the first game as punishment for his OWI. Will he keep it after Terry Roberts has his spot for the South Dakota State game?
  • Lukas Van Ness still at backup tackle. LOL

What are your thoughts??