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Another WR bites the dust?

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The last time (some of us) saw Charlie in the (Iowa) black and gold :(
Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s a gloomy, muggy day here in Iowa City, made even more gloomy by this tweet that came across the BHGP slack:

Um, excuse me?

To add fuel to the fire, Tom Kakert had this to add:

PURDUE? The same Purdue that, under Jeff Brohm, has torched Iowa with wide receiver play AND was the landing place for other former Hawkeye wideout Tyrone Tracy earlier in the offseason?


In a followup tweet, Matt Zenitz said that, because it will be a grad transfer, Jones will have immediate eligibility for the Boilermakers (or, I guess, wherever he lands, but if Purdue is mentioned by Kakert, it seems like a foregone conclusion to me).

You can see Jones’ stats in the tweet above, but it’s hard to overstate how much he meant to this team last year, particularly given the lack of offensive production. It seemed that a spot in the NFL was a large driving factor for Jones returning for another year of college.

Reading between the lines of that and the timing of this transfer, it sure seems like Jones went through spring practice, saw that nothing at all was going to change about the offense and his use rate, and decided to seek out greener pastures.

So much for that unfinished business.