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Will Hawkeye Fans Learn Anything From Iowa’s Spring Game?

There are lots of questions about the Hawkeyes entering the 2022 season. Will we have any answers after Saturday?

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Are you smiling about Iowa’s spring game?
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It is spring and in Iowa City that has meant mostly cold and miserable weather filled with limited sunshine, lots of rain and blustery winds. But thankfully for the Iowa Hawkeyes, there’s a fancy indoor football facility which makes all those elements completely moot. That’s exactly where the Hawkeyes have spent their days over the last few weeks as spring football is upon us.

And not just upon us, but drawing to a close as the Hawkeyes will close out their spring practices this weekend as they host an open practice on Saturday. Whistles blow at 9:45 inside Kinnick Stadium for Iowa’s spring “game” that’s open to the public. As Hawkeye fans have come to know and love/hate, Iowa doesn’t have a true spring game in the way that many other college programs do. There is very limited actual scrimmage in the final practice and no score is kept. Instead, Kirk Ferentz and staff prefers to take advantage of every minute allotted by the NCAA to continue coaching up the fundamentals and laying the groundwork for the fall.

Given Iowa’s approach to the spring open practice, we want to know how Hawkeye fans feel about things heading into this weekend. Do you care at all about it? Are you going to freak out Monday morning as you read reports of poor QB play? Submit your answers below and give us some context in the comment section! We’ll circle back ahead of this weekend before covering the practice itself in detail next week.

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