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Hawkeye Basketball 2021-22 Top 10: #2 - The Keegan Murray Dunk Show

We needed a few body bags this year

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament- Rutgers vs Iowa Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

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#2 - The Keegan Murray Dunk Show

Let’s stay with Keegan for #2. These were jump-out-of-your-seat moments. This is just videos of him putting people in body bags. He definitely swept the leg on a few people, to the point he’s a Cobra Kai member.


We already covered Gillis, but let’s do that one again. Because why not?

My condolences to Mr. Gillis’s family.

Big Ten Tournament Montage

Gillis again - sorry, not sorry. Also, Rutgers got got in that game.

Clifford Omoruyi

This and the next dunk are the real #2 moments for me. I had to watch this game in my office as I had a mid-afternoon meeting, so I took a late lunch to ensure I got at least part of this game in. When Keegan collected the rebound then went coast-to-coast AND threw down on Omoruyi, a guy that dominated the paint in the regular season matchup, and McConnell in a supporting role, I yelled, “YES!” in my office. One of those “OH DAMN HE DID THAT!” moments. Door was shut, but my staff heard me. 100 percent, they heard me. This is just a nasty dunk and one of the most impressive plays I’ve ever seen from an Iowa player. I’m not kidding either. If my #1 play is the most memorable of the season, this is #2. And deservedly so.

Ohio State

If my #1 play and the Rutgers dunk are the top 2 most memorable plays of the year, this is #3! This is absolutely savage by Keegan. Eugene Brown is put on a poster here. I’m so, so sorry, Mr. Brown (I’m not). That’s such a viscous dunk. Two hands, through traffic, over/through Brown (should have been a foul), then Gus Johnson losing it. There’s a lot to like from this play. A lot.

Also savage is the “I just put a knife in you” stare down Keegan gives Brown as he back peddles away. This view gives you that look.

I wish I could find it now, but there is video out there somewhere of this clip with the Ohio State radio guys laid over it. They gush over Keegan and his NBA ability. A lot to like from that too, though I can’t find that anymore. Damnit.

I’ll have more on Keegan in my player debrief, but I sincerely hope people enjoyed Keegan’s season as much as I did. Such an incredible player and he seemed to add clubs to his bag over the course of the year. He had a few of those Nowitzki one-leg jumpers like we saw Luka Garza employ in 2020-21. He had some fadeaways that hit nothing but net. He was adding high degree of difficulty shots over the course of the season and making them look routine and easy and like he’d been doing it for years. That’s special stuff. I’ll enjoy his work in the NBA when he’s a full-time basketball player. He’s going to be fun to watch at that level.