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Iowa Wrestling: NCAA Tournament HTW Guide & Thread for Day TWO - Semifinals & Cons


Tom Brands is angry. Very angry. You can see it in his face
Darren Miller //

“The world is a flat circle and I’m about jump off into the black vacuum of space.”

-Tom Brands


  • A rough Day 1 turns into a rough Day 2
  • Drake Ayala is out
  • Jaydin Eierman injury defaults out (heartbreaking)
  • Abe Assad is out
  • Murin loses in the QF
  • Marinelli loses in the QF
  • Kemerer loses in the QF
  • Cassioppi loses in the QF


  • DeSanto wins and is in the semis
  • Warner wins and is in the semis

All in the Hawks go 2-6 in the quarterfinals and have six guys still left in contention. We currently sit in [checks math] 4th place behind PSU, Michigan, and Arizona St, in that order.

So, looking ahead here’s what we have coming up on the next episode of “The Collapse: An Iowa Hawkeye Tale”

Team Scores:

  1. Penn State 73.0
  2. Michigan 62.5
  3. Arizona State 53.0
  4. Iowa 37.5
  5. NC State 37.0

Semifinal Matches:

#5 Austin DeSanto (Iowa) vs #1 Roman Bravo-Young

#6 Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs #2 Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming)

Consolation Blood Round:

#8 Max Murin (Iowa) vs #6 Jonathan Millner (Appalachian Sta)

#3 Alex Marinelli (Iowa) vs #8 Philip Conigliaro

#5 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) vs #8 Michael O`Malley (Drexel)

#3 Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) vs #16 Zach Elam (Missouri)

We have two that have already earned their All-American status: DeSanto and Warner.

Murin, Marinelli, Kemerer, and Cass have two options.

1: Win and place on the podium


2: Lose and go home

We’re going to find out real soon what these guys are made of and how bad they want to climb out of the shithole they find themselves in. Can they regain some dignity in an otherwise forgettable tournament?

FWIW- Iowa has sent a representative to the finals every single season since 1990. That streak is very much at risk tonight...

Broadcast Info

Session times:

Session IV (Semifinals) - 7PM God’s Time (Central) // Friday, March 18th, 2022

TV: Session III is available on ESPNU, Session IV will be on ESPN

Streaming: Individual mats for all sessions are available on ESPN3

Location: Little Caesars Arena // Detroit, Michigan