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Not a pick so much as gloating I can’t lose today

Central Michigan v Purdue Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The emotional hedging did wonders on Friday before a 3-5 Saturday. At least one of the three was my Minnesota +140 to even out the vig.

  • Nebraska +10.5 at Iowa, +1u
  • Nebraska at Iowa OVER 38.5, +1u
  • Michigan at Ohio State OVER 56, +1u
  • Rutgers +14.5 at Maryland, -1.1u
  • Purdue -10.5 at Indiana, +1u
  • Purdue at Indiana OVER 54, -1.1u
  • Illinois at Northwestern UNDER 38, -1.1u
  • Minnesota +140 at Wisconsin, +1.4u
  • Minnesota at Wisconsin UNDER 36, -1.1u
  • Michigan State at Penn State OVER 53, -1.1u

Last week: 5-5-0 (-0.1u)


17-16-1 ATS (-0.6u)
3-3 ML (+3.0u)
21-18-1 O/U (+1.2u)

41-35-2 Overall (+3.6u)

Before we get into Purdue/Michigan. Let’s take a look at my futures wins bets.

  • Northwestern OVER 4 - -1u
  • Nebraska UNDER 7.5 - +1u
  • Penn State UNDER 8.5 - -1.15u
  • Purdue OVER 7.5 - +1.2u

Michigan State had the season I thought Penn State would have while Northwestern had the season I thought Indiana would have. The real hero is Purdue getting to 8 wins while losing to Penn State, Wisconsin, and Iowa. (and Syracuse) Thanks Jeff!

All* lines courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

Big Ten Championship Lines

What complicates (not really) matters is that I’ve got outstanding bets on BOTH Purdue & Michigan to come away with the Big Ten title. So let’s do some lame math to figure out how much I’d have to bet on Michigan straight up to have equal winning outcomes:

IF PURDUE WINS: 14.5 return - 1.5 wagers - X = 13 - X

IF MICHIGAN WINS: 7.5 return - 1.5 wagers + 1.125X = 6 + 1.125X

COMBINE THE TWO: 13 - X = 6 +1.125X => X = ~3.3u


Like I said... LAME. Though better than 6u in the very likely event of a Michigan win.

But here’s the thing...I kind of like Purdue. It’s in Indianapolis & their first time there. Fans will be jacked. There’s the emotions swirling around Aidan O’Connell as he and his family mourn the loss of his brother. They zag offensively unlike the ground-and-pound West. So...I’m gonna let the futures ride and go: Purdue +16.5 & OVER 52.

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.

*Rutgers lines not available on DraftKings due to New Jersey law

Open Future Bets (aka sending good money after bad):

  • Purdue WIN Big Ten - 0.5u to win 14
  • Michigan WIN Big Ten - 1u to win 6.5
  • Purdue +16.5 - 1.1u to win 1
  • Purdue v Michigan OVER 52 - 1.1u to win 1