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Nebraska 66, Iowa 50: Seeing Red

This stinks!

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The return of Kris Murray & Connor McCaffery did little to help rebound from its monumental loss to Eastern Illinois a week ago, as the Hawkeyes got dumped on by the HATED Nebraska Cornhuskers, 66-50.

And it wasn’t really as close as the score indicates!

The game saw Iowa shoot 26% from the floor, making a stunning 19 shots on 73 attempts.

The first half was marred by the aforementioned pisspants shooting, highlighted by a stretch where Iowa missed 15 consecutive attempts while Nebraska built a 23-8 lead.

It wasn’t until 5 12 minutes to go in the first frame when Kris Murray made a three to stop the bleeding at 28-11. Connor McCaffery made another three right after Kris’ and the BTN graphics department was suspiciously quick to put up a 6-0 run graphic for the Hawkeyes.

It looked briefly like Iowa was going to end a pitiful half on an encouraging 18-7 run, but Juwan Gary hit a bs bank with 3 seconds to go to make it 38-26, with Iowa grabbing fistfuls of dirt to dig itself out of the 20-point hole it found itself in a few minutes earlier.

It took under 4 minutes for Iowa to fall back in that hole after some guy on Nebraska nailed a 3 to make it 50-30. Juwan Gary then murdered a rim and Filip Rebraca got assessed the world’s dumbest T and I began self-medicating and switched to the Cheez-It Bowl.

Iowa scored just 10 points in the final five minutes of game time, still carrying buckets of ice-cold water.


  • Is this the worst shooting team in the country? It feels like the worst shooting team in the country.
  • I counted four air balls and Ahron Ulis hitting the side of the backboard on a corner 3.