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Iowa Football: What Changes for the Hawkeyes This Offseason?

Clearly something needs to change this offseason. Will it?

Nebraska v Iowa
One of these two is already set to depart Iowa City.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

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Things came crashing down for the Iowa Hawkeyes in their season finale last Friday. Despite the vast majority of Hawkeye fans expecting an Iowa to defeat the Cornhuskers and win the Big Ten West, Nebraska came out and punched Iowa in the mouth with almost no pushback from the Hawkeyes. And thus, an up and down season ends down with only a middling bowl game remaining.

With such a disappointing end, there is no doubt restlessness amongst the fanbase. The Hawkeyes finished with seven regular season wins, below fans’ and Vegas’ preseason expectations. The offense was utterly abysmal, finishing the year ranked 130th in total offense (last among power five schools), 123rd in scoring offense, 122nd in rushing offense, 122nd in passing offense and 130th in 1st downs.

There was a lot to be disappointed in. But now the question is what changes for next year. Something has to change, right? RIGHT?!? Rational thinking says yes, but we don’t live in a rational world. We live in Kirk Ferentz’s world. And we watch his offense and his football philosophy every Saturday in the fall.

So this week, we want to know what changes should be made to the Iowa Hawkeyes this offseason, as well as what changes you think will be made. Will Brian actually be gone? Will the Hawkeyes actually hit the portal and look for talent? And if they do, what’s the most important thing for them to find to help bolster this abysmal offense. You don’t get to last nationally with just one issue, but if you can only address one thing, what do you, Hawkeye fans, think the Iowa staff should look at first?

And perhaps most importantly, will any of it make any difference for 2023?