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The Pants Party Catches Flights, not Feelings

Thanks I hate it

Bernard Tapie et Bernard Hinault Photo by William STEVENS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images


Harrison caught a heater in Vegas over the weekend and just HAD to call me up and let me word vomit into a cheap microphone while I was muted on a work zoom.

Brian Ferentz taught me how to quiet quit and for that I’ll forever be in his debt.

This week!

  • 8-4 & keep Brian, 4-8 and fire him. WHO YA GOT?
  • Should Iowa adopt Auburn brain? (No. But yes?)
  • Is Iowa still the fake ID of college football?
  • The playoff puts in three SEC teams before it puts in two B1G teams, this is fact.
  • Does anyone know a good chiropractor?
  • And a quick Tony Perkins Take.