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College Football Roundup: Ranked Kansas!!!!!!

“Is there a great team in the house? Anybody?”

Syndication: The Topeka Capital-Journal Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

For the first time since week 8 of the 2009 college football season, Kansas has cracked the top 25 at #19 in the AP and #17 in the Coaches! Many thanks are in order for the completion of this monumental moment in time. First, Mark Mangino, who I’m sure Kansas fans still believe is coaching their squad. Thank you coach for setting this program up for the unyielding failure it endured for the better part of the last 12 seasons, without which, we’d have no reason to celebrate this glorious day. Thank you also to the Iowa. St Cyclones. Without your middling squad (god the CyHawk game looks worse and worse) showing up to Lawrence yesterday, there would have been nobody for Kansas to beat and thus earn their 5th win of the season. And lastly, thank you fans. You, the beautiful people who clamored and rabbled outside the homes of voters screaming, “We shall not have this anymore! No more do we want Oklahoma! Out with Texas A&M! Shoo dat dem Gator Liz’beth! Give us Kansas!” YOU are the true reason, that on October 2nd, 2022, Kansas... is ranked.

Here are the AP and Coaches Polls brought to you by On3:

Big Ten wise, as boilerhawk and renboss have mentioned, it really does seem as though we are back to a Big 2 and Little 8 scenario as Ohio. St and Michigan hold serve at #3 and #4 in both polls. Add in Penn. St at #10 and three other schools who the conference doesn’t need and you now have the Big 3 and Little 11.

Syracuse also cracks the top 25 for the first time in a while and coupled with the sketchy results from games involving all the ranked teams this season, has led me to one conclusion. Nobody is great this year.

A few weeks ago I had written about how the only elite team in college football this year was Georgia. That is no more. The Bulldogs, who lost their spot atop the polls to Alabama, squeaked by Missouri 26-22 a week after bumbling around with Kent State. I’m begging the audience to please comment below on who you think is actually a great team. Just try! Because what does it mean to be great or elite? I view that as being judged through a lense of past college football seasons. If that’s the case, this is the worst field of teams the sport has seen in a very long time. Possibly since 2007 when two, 2 loss teams faced off in the championship. You know who was the only team to finish that year with only one loss? Freaking Kansas!

Seriously though, look at the the top five teams in this weeks AP poll and attempt to convince me that college football has a great team this year. Hell, line Alabama, Georgia, and Michigan up against themselves from last season and they all lose. Ohio. St and Clemson get smoked by the teams they trotted out two years ago. USC remains a mystery to me along with Tennessee and don’t for a moment try to convince me that Oklahoma. St and Ole Miss being “good” constitutes them having an argument of being an elite team.

I’ll stop rambling though. I’ve become an irritable man this season having been subjected to whatever it is you call what Iowa has thrown on the field on Saturdays. Still rooting for the Hawks and always will, but if it’s taking me almost triple the amount of time Iowa possessed the ball in the first half to write this article, I’m allowed to be irritable. Remember when we all drank ayahuasca last year and believed Iowa was ranked #2 behind Georgia? Let’s do that again.