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Iowa Football Position Grades: Ohio State

A temporary change comes to position grades

Iowa v Ohio State
Offense-optional football travels to the Shoe
Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

I just can’t do it. I need to take a break from giving position grades, at least for our offense. At this point in the year our offense is a big fat F and our defense and special teams are both A’s. I’ve also struggled with handing out grades when it feels like our players are not being put in the best position to win/be successful.


Kirk and Brian Ferentz: F-

Oh, and throw George Barnett (offensive line coach) in there. This offense is the most epic fail offense in the history of football - the biggest reason for this is that our defense and special teams are at a level where the Hawks could have won a true B1G championship had our offense been even mediocre. That’s not hyperbole. I get it that Kirk Ferentz is loyal. That’s a terrific quality in a person and coach. Kirk has to kick loyalty to the curb right now or he is going to be done. Gary Barta should terminate Brian Ferentz this morning. Would Kirk freak out? Yes. Would it be national news? Yes. It would also go a long way to get this ship righted. I hope it doesn’t take us having 20 players hit the transfer portal before we see some change. And if you haven’t noticed, we are already a national joke.

A few bits about the game. Here’s something to cheer you up.

I’m at the point now where I feel bad for Spencer Petras. I feel bad for Alex Padilla. My biggest frustration right now is that our quarterback room and offensive line are terrible. If there was only a way for us to have added to our roster this past offseason. Hmmmmm. How could anyone have watched this squad and not thought we needed to bring someone in. Granted Chuck Sizzle Jones bailed and there were a few injuries, but it’s football. There will always be injuries. At this point, put Cooper DeJean in the wildcat and see what the heck we can do. At least for a series. Also, could we pretty please never roll Petras out left again?!?!?

Our running backs ran for 79 yards on 24 carries (3.3 yard average). That’s decent against an athletic defense. Also, our formations, and lack of a passing game make it next to impossible to run the football. The fact that we can muster 79 yards on the ground is something that should be celebrated, but it’s tough to feel good about anything when you lose by 44 points. Sam LaPorta had another nice game, but the fact that he’s our only threat also leads to our QB’s forcing the ball to him. Most of our interceptions have been poorly thrown balls to Sam. 84 has drawn a lot of attention.

Defense: (A-) Yes, really.

Yes, Ohio State scored 54 points. Looking at that it doesn’t appear that Iowa’s defense got off the bus. Iowa’s defense did darn near everything under the sun to win that game. QB sack, scoop and score? Yep. All-American linebacker make a one-handed diving interception? Yep. The defense, despite being put in multiple terrible positions, kept the Hawks in the game, at least for the first half. One of Ohio State’s big plays was an incredible throw by CJ Stroud over a diving Cooper DeJean. That was an NFL throw that had to be perfect, and it was. Ohio State is stacked offensively, and our boys went toe-to-toe with them. It’s too bad that Riley Moss and Jack Campbell, among others, will more than likely not even make a bowl game their final season.

Special Teams: (B)

On the day Tory Taylor punted five times for an average of 41 yards. He also was stopped short of the sticks when he attempted to run for a first down. He should and will stick to punting. Drew Stevens has been a terrific true frosh kicker for the Hawks. He converted on his one extra point and a field goal from 49 yards. Iowa will need to replace its punter next year; maybe if we don’t have an all-American punter we will be more aggressive on offense...?!?!?

Side Note:

If you happened to read my article last week, I had mentioned that Iowa should be allowed to use fantasy football scoring to make things a little more interesting. I added up the points the Hawks would have scored against the Bucks. Iowa would have finished with 19.5 fantasy points. That’s absurd. If you take away 4 points for the extra point and field goal and the 8.5 points the defense scored, Iowa’s offensive output was 7 points. Seven. For our QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, and TE’s. Seven. Is it basketball yet? As always, even through thin times, Go Hawks!