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Bloodbuzzed: Ohio State 54, Hawkeyes 10

The Hawkeyes held OSU to a season-low in yardage and it was not nearly enough

Iowa v Ohio State Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

What more can be written that hasn’t already hit the Internet about Iowa Hawkeyes football (3-4, 1-3) under Kirk Ferentz? The Hawkeyes defense did everything they needed to do and it still was laughably not enough for the Hawkeyes to make a dent into what the Ohio State Buckeyes (7-0, 4-0) did today. The Bucks won, 54-10. The 54 points were the most a Kirk Ferentz-coached team has ever given up.

Time and again, the Hawkeye offense (and special teams, unfortunately) put the Bucks in very desirable field position throughout the first half. They could convert only field goals on four first half possessions which started in Iowa territory. Their first half touchdown drive came on the kickoff after Joe Evans forced a fumble and returned it to the house. Iowa had the lead at 7-3, which exceeded the expectations I had coming into the game of Iowa never having a lead.

The way Iowa operates felt justified with 3:33 remaining in the first half, down just 19-10. The offense had just one successful drive (10 plays for 44 yards and a field goal) but had the ball and could have returned it to a one-possession game heading into half. And then...

The game felt over after this. After all, there’s no 16-point defensive play for Phil Parker to dial up, as great as he is. The Bucks knelt with 39 seconds left in the stanza. They had just 133 yards on the half. It was 3.9 yards/play and just 1.7 yards/rush.

Coming out of half, we saw Alex Padilla at quarterback after a Jack Campbell interception. He turned the ball over twice in three touches which was even worse than Spencer Petras’ start (two turnovers in seven plays). Hard to hold much against him when he was put in such a no-win situation to start his 2022.

The Padilla interception gave Ohio State the ball at Iowa’s 15 and they converted it into a touchdown (on fourth down) which was prelude to the dam breaking around the defense who kept it their finger in it as long as they could to prevent flooding. OSU found their explosive offense with a four-play 55-yard drive and three-play 90-yard drive which was Julian Fleming take one 79 yards to the house. 47-10.

And like, Ohio State’s defense was really good, forcing six turnovers (the most since 2009) and five sacks (the most since last week) but honestly, every defense looks good against this Iowa offense.

Iowa was held to 200 yards (or less) for the eighth time since 2017 and the third time this season. They had seven instances between 2000 and 2016. The defense held Ohio State to a season-low 360 yards.