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Iowa Women’s Basketball: Clark and Co Stomp Gophs

Caitlin Clark makes B1G History

The GOAT?!?

The Iowa women’s basketball team traveled north to the Twin Cities to take on the Gophers in the Barn. The Hawks took care of business with a resounding 105-49 win. Yikes. That’s borderline bullying behavior. The Hawks were 9 for 17 from 3 point land (53%) and they destroyed Minnesota on the glass (51 to 23). For the Hawkeyes Monika Czinano had 23 and 7. Gabbie Marshall poured in 16 points. Kate Martin had 9 rebounds. The story of the game that grabbed national headlines was all-everything Caitlin Clark. Clark recorded her second triple-double in a row. Clark scored 35 points, collected 13 rebounds, and dished out 11 assists. Clark became the first women’s player in B1G history to record a triple-double in back-to-back games.

The Gophers kept it close - your mileage may vary - in the first half, as they entered the third quarter down just nine points. That means, the Hawks outscored the Goofers 58-15 in to finish it off, including a wild fourth quarter: 21-3. The Hawkeyes held Minnesota to just one made basket over the final 13+ minutes of the game.

The Hawkeyes do an excellent job of sharing and moving the basketball. Here was a nice pick and roll that was blocked. The ball is passed back outside and a “one more” pass leads to a wide-open three for Clark. Unselfish basketball is the best basketball!

Clark is a bulldog driving to the basket. Oh yeah, she also is in range when she gets off the bus.

Her stat line also put her in a category of one, from an NCAA standpoint, but alongside truly elite names in the NBA:

Next Up:

Iowa’s Sunday game against Indiana was postponed due to Covid. Instead, the Hawkeyes will host Illinois at 5pm. Head on over to Carver to watch the best player in country. Go Hawks!