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Mailing it in: we’re doing it (spectating sports) live

Is America back?

105th Running Of The Indianapolis 500 Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Jonah is off this week so you’re stuck with me, a failed advice columnist writing an advice column.

The ghosts of each newspaper that laid me off lives deep in these bones.

Unlike last week, there wasn’t much breaking Iowa news I can lean into here. Or at least nothing I really saw. I had myself a little staycation last week as I start a new job today, and when I’m off the clock I try and spend as little time on the internet as possible, whether I’m in a cabana in Bermuda or my own apartment.

One thing that did catch my eye was the announcement of some Iowa football start times.

I voiced my opinion in the comments there, and will likely go deeper on that in this week’s Pants Party Podcast, but basically, these start times get one big MEH outta me.

Students must be thrilled at the abolishment of 11am kicks, but as a blogger boy living out midlife crisis after midlife crisis, it’s just one big shoulder shrug. I’m gonna watch the games no matter what. If I’m on blog duty, I’ll start drinking later in the day now I guess. Which is a bummer but whatever.

I also saw the Des Moines Register—much like its Cedar Rapids counterpart—went and got itself a new Iowa football and basketball beat reporter this offseason.

I believe Mark Emmert took an editorial position at the Press-Citizen, freeing things up on the Hawkeye beat for the DMR. I look forward to even more fresh blood on the beat and following Smith’s coverage. Chad Leistikow remains on the beat, as far as I can tell.

I didn’t see much else this weekend as I spent Sunday in Indianapolis for my third trip to the Indy 500. We were #blessed with the best weather you could’ve asked for and the trip is always a hoot, despite none of the 8 racers I bet on winning squat. Congrats to Hélio Castroneves on his fourth win in Indy.

I have no strong opinions on Indycar or auto racing in general, I just love the event and my friend’s family has front row seats right after the final turn so I don’t say no.

They announced a crowd of around 135,000 for the outdoor event, but the stands seemed pretty full for a track that’s been known to accommodate over 300,000 strong. I don’t have strong opinions on those facts and figures, all it really did was solidify my belief that we’ll have ourselves a normal college football season—fans, tailgating and all—in 2021.

I fought off Monday’s hangover with an actually decent round of golf in the far flung Chicago burbs, and now I find myself back in the city staring at a word document that I think is just about ready to be put to bed.

Hit me with your questions.