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Mailing It In: Mama Said Knock You Out

She didn’t say blindside you like a Pac-12 champion in the second round of the Tournament.

Syndication: HawkCentral
Jordan Bohannon was involved in a scurfluffle over the weekend.
Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen via Imagn Content Services, LLC

It’s that time of year when basketball news is pretty limited. For the most part, this time of year is reserved for recruiting updates. Most of the players who are going to transfer have already entered their names into the portal. There are certainly a few exceptions, but a good portion of the moving pieces have already moved.

Why then, were we getting basketball news over the weekend/early this week? Well, it couldn’t be for good reasons. No, instead just weeks after announcing he was returning to Iowa City for a 6th season, Jordan Bohannon made headlines for the wrong reasons.

What were those reasons?

So, Bohannon was “physical (sic) assaulted” in the early morning hours Sunday in Iowa City and suffered a “serious” head injury. He was “attacked by an individual he did not see coming”. Additional reports indicate Bohannon received stitches and that the individual who injured Bohannon will be prosecuted.

But what exactly happened here?

Well, see for yourself.

There’s a lot to unpack in there. Let’s start with what you can see.

Jordan Bohannon is certainly talking with someone who is not smaller than him. He doesn’t appear to be talking terribly politely to said person. He also has (presumably) his phone out in this other person’s face.

Bohannon is eventually knocked to the ground after some back and forth. He was not knocked to the ground by the person with whom he had been interacting. Instead, the blow that sent him to the ground appears to come from the side or possibly the back, but that part is a bit unclear.

It’s also unclear who else is around him, other than the fact that there are quite a few (presumably) college aged folks in close proximity taking full advantage of Governor Kim Reynolds’ recent declaration on masks. One such person appears to be Hawkeye wrestler Alex Marinelli (who, as an aside, cleans up quite nicely). Nobody dared take any shots at the bull.

The whole incident leaves me with lots of questions. For starters, who was Bohannon with? It feels like if he’s going to head to the bars in Iowa City, I would expect him to have at least one other basketball player with him. If not, why? Does he get along with the rest of the team?

Beyond that, though, he is a 23 year old who is nearly 24. I know I wanted to continue living the glory days of college as long as I could, but I’m not sure about making it to bar close at DC’s at nearly 24. Why not another bar with perhaps a bit more low-key scene? Why not call it quits before bar close?

Whatever the case, here’s hoping Bohannon is OK and that this is the last such incident involving him or any other Iowa athlete. It won’t be, but here’s hoping.

Now, before you all spend the entirety of the comment section discussing JoBo and the events of Sunday morning, please remember to phrase your comments in the form of a question so I can pretend to answer something later in the week.