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All Eyes Podcast #16 - The Iowa Hawkeye NFL Draft Recap & Brandon Smith Drama

Rob Donaldson and Thad Nelson talk about the NFL Draft results...

Football: House of Athlete Scouting Combine Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Thad and I are back and we’re talking about what happened in the NFL Draft, which means how do players fit on their team as well as why certain players fell so far or weren’t drafted at all.

This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Also, I took the liberty of breaking up the sections into time stamps in case you wanted to jump around a bit:

0:25 = Brandon Smith’s Tweet

18:00 = Chauncey Golston to the Dallas Cowboys

22:42 = Ihmir Smith-Marsette to the Minnesota Vikings

31:28 = Daviyon Nixon to the Carolina Panthers

43:13 = Nick Niemann to the Los Angeles Chargers

53:30 = Undrafted Free Agency Recap