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Mailing It In: Sports Are Coming Back

There isn’t much going on in the Hawkeye sports world as we speak, but things are slowly coming back. And that’s fun.

Wisconsin v Iowa
There will be more fans in Iowa City this fall than a season ago.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

We have officially hit those spring doldrums that have almost nothing in the way of real live Hawkeye sports news. There is baseball (and we’re working to cover that more) and we’ve had some unexpected non-revenue success that has warranted coverage (and we probably didn’t do enough of that), but the next month or so is when there is really not a lot to talk about.

As we approach June, things start to heat up again. We’ll have the return of official visits (and Iowa is planning a big one on June 25th) and new football camps, which will likely mean the recruiting news picks up in a way that gives us either hope or serious concerns. It also gets us inside of 100 days until the Hawkeyes are back on the playing field.

All that to say, things are super slow right now but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s sort of how things felt with the pandemic locally in Iowa City a few months ago, where it was still largely locked down, but the vaccines were rolling out and it was easy to see how we would have a lot more activity options in a few months. Now we’re still practicing social distancing and wearing masks and the like, but as noted things have really picked up. People are eating at restaurants, shopping in stores and beginning to do normal things again.

That feels like the direction we’re headed in for Hawkeye sports with things coming back online from an activity perspective and the potential for more fan involvement come this fall. It may still feel like it’s a lifetime away, but it will be here before we know it. Hopefully.

Until then, what questions do you have this week? Any more celebrity stories? What’s on the docket this week, folks?