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Jack Nunge announces transfer from Iowa basketball

Iowa now NEEDS a center

Iowa v Michigan Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

We got some more Iowa basketball news just a few hours after Jordan Bohannon announced his plans (or lack thereof) for the 2021-22 season.

Jack Nunge is departing the Iowa basketball program after a tumultuous three seasons where he tore his ACL, battled with his father suddenly dying two weeks before the 2020-21 season started, and then tearing a meniscus in February.

Fran McCaffery, from a school release:

Jack and I had a heartfelt meeting today. No person should ever have to go through what Jack has endured the last 16 months and my heart aches for him. Jack expressed his desire to continue his education and complete his eligibility at a school closer to his family. My staff and I fully support his decision and will help every way possible with his transition. Jack is beloved and respected by everyone in our program and has been a valuable teammate the past four years.

No one can blame Nunge for making this decision and wanting a fresh start, especially one that’s closer to his family. There’s no shortage of basketball programs around his part of Indiana, a place that’s just about equidistant to Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louis, Nashville and all the schools in between those metros.

His departure leaves approximately one center on the roster in Josh Ogundele, a freshman who seemed like a big project this season. A dip into the transfer portal to fill that hole seems all but certain at this juncture.

Best of luck to Jack Nunge. We hope to see you back on the hardwood in no time.