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Jordan Bohannon announces 2021-22 intentions

Pending a bill in the Iowa state legislature, the senior would return for his sixth season

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Oregon at Iowa Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprise tweet, Jordan Bohannon announced his intention to return to the Iowa Hawkeyes, should an Iowa name, image, and likeness bill get passed later this week:

In the tweet, he tagged Nate Boulton - a workers’ rights lawyer who now serves in the Iowa State Senate. He championed the bipartisan NIL bill through committee earlier this year with the help of Bohannon and others.

For Bohannon, it would be a bit of a no brainer. With a newfound ability to make money based on his name, image, & likeness, he would be able to open up revenue streams during the period in his life when those assets are at a lifetime high. Most notably, he would be able to make money from his podcast. He would also be one of the first calls for, presumably, many local businesses looking to have a spokesperson. While the money would not necessarily dwarf what he could make overseas, it would be within a much different context.

His Notes app remarks also open up the possibility of him returning even if the bill does not pass, something previously thought of as unlikely. Though making NIL cash would not necessarily* be in the cards under such a circumstance, there’s plenty to return to.

* (to be honest I have no clue how the case in front of SCOTUS factors into that potential)

Individual accolades would include: locking up at the Big Ten three-point mark, extending his current Iowa records (three point & assists), making a run Iowa’s 3rd 2000 point scorer, thousands of Jess Settles jokes, potential all-conference accolades. Team-wise, it’s easy to see the Hawks left some meat on the bone as far as postseason performance is concerned.

From an Iowa basketball perspective: who freaking knows. Objectively speaking, this team as assumed to be constructed without Luka Garza & Joe Wieskamp needs shooting in a dire way. Something Bohannon very much provides. They also need some athleticism & defense, which are attributes he does not necessarily bring to the table.

One thing does seem to be for sure: Bohannon quietly going into the night does not look like the foregone conclusion many thought it to be.