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The Pants Party Does Topshot

To the moon

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Utah Jazz Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome back to the Pants Party, your No. 1 source for making fake money on the internet.

We have an action packed show for you this week where Ben & Harry:

  • Update you on Iowa football’s search for an offensive line and running backs coach
  • Breakdown Luka Garza’s record-setting game
  • Explain why the Ayo Dosunmu argument is asinine
  • CJ Fredrick
  • Assign value to the Utah Jazz’s (Jazzes?) Mike Conley by way of NBA Top Shot
  • Admonish Gookin’s lactose tolerance*

It’s pretty good. Find us below or wherever you get your podcasts.

*Gookin if you want to come on the show to defend your milk consumption, have your lawyer reach out to us.