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Iowa Wrestling Resumes Limited Activities

And We’re Back! Kind of. Mostly.

Big Ten Championship Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Per an official release from the Wrestling Program, it appears that our #1 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes will return to limited in-person activities. This ends a 7-day standoff with Covid-19 that began on Feb. 8.


I don’t know exactly what the “limited in-person activities” means in terms of this sport, but regardless of the details, it means we’re trending in the right direction and that’s the most important thing. However, this also means the Northwestern dual on Feb. 19 has been postponed, which is a bummer. With it being this late in the season the chances of it being rescheduled is slim to none. Though it seems they’re trying to keep the Feb. 21 clash with Wisconsin on the board. A determination will be made later this week. Too bad NW and Wiscy had to go duke it out on Valentines Day, otherwise we could’ve had ourselves a nice little tri-meet.

Anyways, Hawkeye wrestling is back and that makes me warm on these cold days.

Here’s what we have left:

  • Feb. 21 @ Wisconsin (hopefully)
  • Mar 6-7 Big Ten Championships
  • Mar 18-20 NCAA Championships

Let’s get it done!