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Iowa State 73, Iowa 53: Shot Brocked


NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Zero first half points for Keegan Murray is the symptom to the disease that is getting blown out to Iowa State in Ames, 73-53.

Iowa enjoyed a brief four-point lead five minutes into the game after Tony Perkins made his free throw following a foul to make it 15-11, but the Cyclones then went on a 15-2 run that culminated in Izaiah Brockington knocking down 17 first-half points.

There’s really just not much else to say. I haven’t seen Iowa get dominated in a basketball game quite like this since... well, probably Michigan last year but that was for wholly different reasons.

The fact of the matter is Iowa isn’t going to win any games where any one of the following happens:

  • Keegan Murray scores 9 on 4-17 shooting.
  • Iowa gets out-rebounded 50-32.
  • Iowa shoots just 27 percent (18 percent from 3!) while allowing its opponent to shoot 43 percent—it honestly felt like more.
  • Iowa scores just 53 points.

And tonight, all those things happened.

Iowa started the second half shooting just 1-11; Keegan Murray breaking the spell with his first basket 28 minutes into the game to cut Iowa State’s lead and make it... 52-31.

There was a whisper in the second half where it looked like Iowa was going to make it interesting, where the Hawkeyes went on a 7-0 run to make it a 15-point game, but permafrost shooting afterwards just couldn’t get it done.

The missing open looks thing for Iowa is certainly a problem, but I’m most worried about the rebounding. Each offensive possession for Iowa resulted in basically only one shot as the Hawkeyes pulled down 15 offensive boards while netting 10 second chance points. It’s the second game in a row where the rebounding disparity killed Iowa, and I doubt it will be the last this season.

I’m not sure what the answer is. Filip Rebraca is a power forward playing center. Josh Ogundele played just two minutes in the first half. I’d like to at least see what he can do for Iowa in that department, but I don’t call the shots.

It’s a disappointing loss, and it’s easy to see it snowballing with a competent Utah State team next on the slate in over a week.

As of now, the only straw I can grasp is Iowa’s 53 points is nothing short of a statistical anomaly under Fran. Also, two top-ten teams lost on the road tonight, including No. 1 Purdue at friggin’ Buttgers. Weird sport.

The rest

  • These at-home broadcast teams STINK. They stink!
  • Brockington had 29 points on 11-14 shooting. He didn’t miss in the first half.
  • Only one other Cyclone had double digits.
  • Once again, Iowa forced a lot of turnovers (16) while committing 12. Also had 7 steals. Just weird stuff.