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Iowa Wrestling: No. 1 Iowa vs No. 13 Iowa State - HTW Watch & Match Thread

Nothing cures a football hangover like a nice Hawkeye wrestling beatdown. Hey ISU, sorry we’re not sorry.

Iowa’s #1 Alex Marinelli mercy killing Army’s Christian Hunt and finishing the match early via fall in 6:38.
Stephen Mally/

Well here we are directly on the heels of perhaps the worst gridiron beatdown we’ve ever received on the national stage. I’ve had a headache all damn day and I’m blaming that abysmal performance on my physical ailments

...thank the heavens there’s a cure:

Tom Brands and his merry band of bad asses.

Not only are we going to get the sour taste of embarrassment out of souls, we’re also going to kick the shit out of our favorite little brother and start to ring in the Holidays as only TNT know how; with takedowns, beatdowns, techfalls and pins. So let’s git-this-party-started!

These are two historic programs, but history has been on our side for, well, about the past 30+ years. We’re narrowly edging our counterparts 66-16-2 in the overall record with 16 consecutive victories and 31 of the last 32. In fact, both rosters were still pooping their singlets the last time ISU sniffed a win in 2004.

#13 IOWA STATE (2-0)

The Cryclones enter into the frey with undefeated record after topping Army (25-9) and Cal Baptist (39-0) last weekend to kick off their season. According to Intermat Wrestling they have 8 ranked grapplers that have helped push them to #13 in the latest NWCA team poll.

However only one finds himself inside the top 10 and that’s the returning champ at 157lbs, #1 David Carr. They certainly have some young talent sprinkled up and down the lineup, but they also have a bottle neck at 149lbs where 3x NCAA qualifier Ian Parker and former 2019 All-American Jarrett Degen are currently battling it out. If Parker is able to cut back down to 141 where he’s been a majority of his collegiate career, this time takes on a whole new outlook. Alas, they find two of their best wrestlers currently at the same weight.

They have also picked up a solid transfer at heavyweight, #29 Sam Schuyler who reached the dance last year (going 1-2) while wrestling for Buffalo. He certainly is no Gannon Gremmel, who placed 5th last year, but he’s a serviceable replacement at the backend if their lineup.

#1 Iowa (2-0)

Iowa is coming off a bloodthirsty, nasty, beatdown over Army last weekend (36-7). They were led by half their starters with the other half backups stepping up to the challenge and even a few finding bonus point wins of their own.

If Princeton was lackluster opening to the season, Army was the next natural progression in getting us on track. I found our guys to be more aggressive, but also more patient. They weren’t forcing the issue and looking for early falls. Instead, they racking up the TD’s, wearing down their opponents, then capitalizing on their opponents frustrations and weaknesses. It was the exact type of dual win we were needing.

However, injuries are still plaguing us three weeks into the season. Spencer Lee, Max Murin, and Michael Kemerer have still not made wrestled a match this season, all the while we haven’t seen Jacob Warner since the Luther Open on 11/09.

I don’t think there’s a legit reason to hit the panic button yet, but the occasional glance in its direction is warranted at this point. We all know what Lee is going through, so that is no surprise. But Mad Max, Kemdawg, and Warner may be worth the hushed gossip and forum chatter at this point. Little to no information has been given (again is no surprise) but the fact that we’re now firmly into the final month of 2021 and three of our workhorses still haven’t toed the line... well... shit.

But, Kemerer is listed on the probably lineup this week alongside Nelson Brands. A glimmer of hope, perhaps?


I’m not going to go match-by-match at this point, but I’ll offer up that if our 4 starters still don’t start, Iowa should still run away with this dual. ISU is certainly going to make things interesting and realistically could find a path to 4 wins, but the matches that we’re favored in, we’re HEAVILY favored in. As in: bonus points. As in: techs and pins.

Asking ISU to win a couple toss-up matches is one thing. Asking them to win 3 or 4 by bonus point is asking way too much.

But for fun, I will offer up a few matches I am eyeballing

141lbs: #2 Jaydin Eierman vs #6 Ian Parker // #19 Zach Redding

As mentioned earlier, Parker has been battling it out with Degen at 149, but there’s talks if him trying to drop back to 141.

Regardless of the opponent, I think Eierman comes away with this one. Either by decision over Parker, or pin over Redding. I find this interesting simply from the ISU perspective and how this shapes their team. Parker is a goer and I’ve always enjoyed his tenacity on the mat.
I hope he’s able to make the drop and give us a marquee matchup.

157lbs: #8 Kaleb Young vs #1 David Carr

Save for a big throw and pin, I don’t think KY has a chance in hell to win this match. He started off like gang-busters at the Luther Open, but has quickly cooled off. Carr and #2 Ryan Deakin (NW) are the two best wrestlers at this weight and it’s not close.
Carr topped KY their only previous bout, 6-1, back in the 2020 dual. He also recently tech-falled #29 Markus Hartman 19-2... yes the same Hartman KY struggled with in a 4-1 win last weekend.

These all sound like net-negatives, which they are, but I’m eyeing this match because this will be a good barometer on where KY was trending. Young has always been about consistency and confidence - plus I want to see if he’s closed the gap on the national champ at all. If he can keep this thing close and at least give himself a punchers chance in the 3rd, it could be that confidence builder he needs heading into the Naitonal Duals and Midlands later this month.

184lbs: #17 Abe Assad // Myles Wilson vs #14 Marcus Coleman

The guy we all thought would turn the corner this year and contend for high AA honors, Assad, has been benched since he was throttled by a high schooler at the Luther Open. Since then, Myles Wilson has been a man on a mission going 2-0 since he was plugged into the the starting roll.

Wilson also had a workmanlike win over Army’s Brad Laughlin last week, who subsquently lost by the same score to Marcus Coleman the day prior.

Coleman is a fringe AA, so this match here will tell us exactly how to grade Wilson or Assad moving forward.


125lbs: Jesse Ybarra vs #21 Kysen Terukina

133lbs: #3 Austin DeSanto vs Ramazan Attasauov

141lbs: #2 Jaydin Eierman vs #6 Ian Parker // #19 Zach Redding

149lbs: Cobe Siebrecht vs #22 Jarrett Degen

157lbs: #8 Kaleb Young vs #1 David Carr

165lbs: #1 Alex Marinelli vs Isaac Judge // Austin Kraisser // Grant Stotts

174lbs: #2 Michael Kemerer // #13 Nelson Brands vs Joel Devine

184lbs: #18 Abe Assad // Myles Wilson vs #14 Marcus Coleman

197lbs: #3 Jacob Warner // Zach Glazier vs Yonger Bastida

285: #7 Tony Cassioppi vs #29 Sam Schuyler

Broadcast Info

Opponent: #13 Iowa State Cyclones

Dual time: 6:00PM GT (Central) // Sunday, Dec. 5 2021

Location: Hilton Coliseum // Ames, IA

TV/ Online: ESPN+