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The Pants Party is Going to Indy

Not really

Shrimp Cocktail

Thanks for bearing with us as we worked through some technical difficulties earlier, I think we got it this time.

This week on the Pants Party, Ben cries for a while. That’s kinda it. Save for:

  • Iowa football’s dumm win over Nebraska
  • Iowa basketball’s smartt win over Virginia
  • Why do close wins in basketball feel better than close wins in football?
  • Alex Padilla revisionist history
  • #banpersonalqbcoaches
  • #banexpensivebuschlight
  • #sendbentoindy
  • How does Iowa beat this Michigan team?
  • It probably doesn’t unless the Wolverines feel like gettin’ in the mud with us
  • We don’t talk about it, but why is landlocked Indiana famous for shrimp cocktails?
  • That’s more of a rhetorical question
  • That’s it!