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The Pants Party Has the Pig

I declare war on Disney World

John Barleycorn’s “Funeral” Photo by The Boston Globe Archive via Getty Images


We got a pretty got Pants Part fer ya this week. And it’s not just because it’s been seven years since the school Ben wanted to go to instead of Iowa beat Iowa in a football game. To whit:

  • Harrison looks forward to his attendance to the Illinois game this weekend.
  • Ben looks forward to studying abroad in Arizona.
  • We truther Alex Padilla a little here and there.
  • Wrigleyville SUCKS.
  • What’s going on with Tyrone Tracy?
  • Bert: good or bad?
  • Holy shit what were the Ferentzi thinking last week?
  • Give me a headset.
  • Some basketball stuff.
  • Listen to that and MORE below!