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How Good is Penn State’s Defense? How Does Iowa’s Offense Matchup?

We are one day removed from Iowa-Penn State...

NCAA Football: Indiana at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

We’re officially one day away from Iowa-Penn State... does it feel surreal to you too?

One of the biggest questions or concerns Iowa fans have had throughout this week is “how good is Penn State’s defense?” and “will Iowa even be able to move the ball on offense in this game?”

Those are fair questions or concerns, as the Penn State Nittany Lions did the unthinkable this past week by keeping the Indiana Hoosiers out of the endzone...

** producer buzzes earpiece **

Oh, Iowa’s defense already did that this season?

All jokes aside, Penn State’s defense is loaded with talent and features a secondary that could very well be the best secondary they’ve boasted in over two decades. Although Penn State has had good secondary in the past, they’re more so known for having stellar defensive lines or linebacker play. However, despite having a talented group up front this season, Penn State’s defensive line has seen better days and so has their linebacker unit.

All that said, please step inside our film room as we analyze the true talent of Penn State’s defense and visualize how they might stack up against Iowa’s offense come Saturday: