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#3 Iowa Hawkeyes vs #4 Penn State Nittany Lions: The Game Iowa Students Deserve

Iowa Students are experiencing something that hasn’t happened since 1985.

Syndication: HawkCentral Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

2020 was a rough year for college students, wasn’t it?

For specifically Iowa students, we missed out on a great Iowa football team, one of, if not the greatest Iowa basketball teams of all time, and the BEST player in women's college basketball. All these successes yet not 1 student on Iowas campus was able to enjoy it.

This year is much different. Iowa students are about to experience an atmosphere that there hasn’t been since 1985. A top 5 clash at Kinnick Stadium with the eyes of the nation on Iowa City.

Yes, there have been plenty of top 5 teams come to Kinnick in my lifetime. I’ve seen Iowa beat the brakes off Ohio State, shock the world against Michigan, and sink the boat of PJ Fleck, and that's just recently.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Iowa
Top-5 wins in Kinnick come with a field pass.
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

This game is a whole different story though.

Of course the atmosphere when a top 5 team comes to town is going to be electric, but when both teams are in the top 5? Thats an atmosphere very few fans get to experience in their lifetime, but Iowa fans are here to experience it for the first time in decades.

Iowa students deserve this game with everything that's happened within the last year. We missed out on so many different opportunities that we could never see at Iowa again. We didn’t get to send off Luka Garza into the spotlights of the NBA, or take in the greatness that is Caitlin Clark. One thing we will get though? A top 5 matchup at Kinnick with the eyes of the nation right there.

Iowa City will be absolutely rocking. Busch Lights will be pounded across the state. Chants of “Lets Go Hawks!” will roar starting at 6 AM on Melrose.

While the players will say this is just another game, for the fans it’s not. This is an opportunity that we might not get again any time soon. So take it in. If you’re a student, cherish it. You deserve it.

For the adults that got to experience this in 1985 and once again are here for this great game, go just as crazy as you did in ‘85. 70,000 of our closest friends will be there to experience this.

Lets. Go. Hawks.