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Iowa Football Position Grades: Purdue

Some areas not as bad as I initially thought. Others were awFul

Purdue v Iowa
That was..... not fun
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

The sun did come up the day after Purdue crushed our Hawkeye spirit. The only good thing about the game is that it felt like losing was a certainty pretty early on. Not much went right for the Hawkeyes on the day. Let’s get through the grades and flush that abomination.

Who didn’t use the Poo-Pourri?



I’m not someone who is calling for the backup quarterback. Spencer Petras has won a ton of games in a row. That’s the ultimate measuring stick for a starting QB. I’m also going to take some of my frustration out on Big Spence. Sorry, but Brian Ferentz isn’t doing anything to help our offense. On the day Petras was 17 for 32 for 195 yards. He threw 4 interceptions. That was ugly. Really ugly. The last couple were in desperation but it was a terrible day. Put it in the rearview mirror. Learn from it, yes. Dwell on it, no.


I thought that Tyler Goodson, Ivory Kelly-Martin, and everyone’s favorite fullback Monte Pottebaum played a decent game. Goodson ran 12 times for 68 yards and caught 4 balls for 16 yards. I K-M had 23 yards rushing including a touchdown. Pottebaum ran 3 times for a 3.3 yard average. So far Iowa’s run game has been famine, or feast, or famine. Too many tackles behind the line of scrimmage. (See OL grade below)

WR: D+

Keagan Johnson needs more snaps. And more balls. And more snaps. And more balls. Johnson makes plays. He started the game with a tremendous catch and run.

And then... he disappeared. Johnson had 2 catches for 50 yards on just 3 targets. If the younger Ferentz doesn’t involve him more I’m ready for a change. Not that it would happen. Nico Ragaini had 2 catches for 29 yards. Charlie Jones caught two balls for 20 yards. Arland Bruce IV caught one pass for 12 yards. # 6 (Tim Dwight) is my favorite Hawkeye football player ever. #6 (Johnson) brings some of that same electricity. It’s not rocket science. Get him the ball.

TE: C-

Sam LaPorta caught 5 passes for 61 yards. He had 9 targets. Luke Lachey was out and Josiah Miamen had zero catches on one target. Not a ton of production out of this group, especially on so many attempts.


I honestly don’t even feel like writing anything here. The Hawks allowed 4 sacks. It felt like 10. Iowa netted 76 yards rushing. Iowa’s signature QB sneak even was denied. Purdue defenders ran around flailing Hawkeyes all day long. It’s a shame that a unit with Tyler Linderbaum could stoop to this level, but that was a train wreck (pun intended).



Iowa’s defensive line provided zero pressure on Purdue’s 3 quarterbacks. Zero sacks. 2 QB hurries. It was a huge development to allow Purdue’s QB’s to sit back there and look like Aaron Rodgers picking apart Iowa’s zone.

LB: C+

Iowa’s linebackers played a solid game. Seth Benson had 12 tackles on the day including one slobberknocker. Benson also had a sack and a QB hurry. Jack Campbell had 9 tackles on the day including 1 TFL and 2 QBH’s.

Cash/DB: F

Jack Koerner had 9 tackles on the day including 2 TFL’s. That was it for positives. Matt Hankins got banged up and looked like a shell of himself. The Hawks missed Riley Moss. Terry Roberts gained some valuable experience. Iowa’s defensive backfield looked a step and a half slow all day long. Couple that with no pass rush and we all saw the results.

Special Teams: C+

Caleb Shudak proved himself to be human, missing a short field goal of 25 yards. This is the reason for the low grade. Tory Taylor punted 3 times fora 40.7 yard average. Iowa’s return game was good with Charlie Jones gaining 56 yards on kick returns and 37 yards on punt returns. Ivory Kelly-Martin broke loose for a very nice 67 yard kick return.


The Hawkeyes are off until a big, big game at Wisconsin. The Badgers have a legit defense. Iowa should self-scout offensively and make changes, be it personnel or scheme.