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Purdue Boilermakers 24, Iowa Hawkeyes 7: Derailed


Syndication: HawkCentral Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s been a while friends, but I’m back again, again, again with yet another recap for your #2 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes. Just a reminder that I write this in REAL TIME. That means all of the over reactions in-favor and against Iowa are too quick and extremely uninformed. I don’t edit because it’s Saturday and editing is for Monday’s. So, LET’S DO IT LIVE!

First Quarter

I’ve just watched three and a half hours worth of the Big Ten falling all over themselves. This is going to either be Iowa by 40 points, or Purdue by 2. And there is no inbetween.

Iowa elects to receive the ball on a beautiful Iowa City day and with the first play of the game, Petras throws an absolute strike to Keagan Johnson who scampers for 38-yards and into Purdue territory. This pleases me. But can the Hawks figure out a way to come away with an early 7?

Facing a third and long, Spencer overthrows Nico Ragaini’s fingertips and is picked off at the Purdue 30-yard line. Come sail away, come sail away, come and sail away with Spence.


Thankfully, Aidan O’Connell has to play against the vaunted Iowa defense. And while he looked pretty good early on by leading the charge JUST into Iowa territory, Phil Parker’s boys plug the hole in the boat and force Purdue to punt. Spencer needs to take the entire Iowa defense out for steaks during the bye week. They continue to bail him out week after week after week.

On their next possession, Tyler Goodson rips a nice little run behind Monte Pottebaum that inevitably leads to an Iowa punt three plays later after Spence takes an untimely sack on third down. Is it too early to say that Iowa’s defense is going to have to score today?

Three QB’s check in for Purdue on their second driver of the game and they lead the Boilermakers back into Iowa territory once again. I just saw a Tweet that said “Purdue sucks at defense” and I want to throw up. Meanwhile, Purdue is now at the Iowa eight-yard line and David Bell is burning Iowa DB’s like only David Bell can. Just a reminder that Purdue is 12th in the Big Ten in Redzone scoring. But, the Big Ten is drunk today so I fully expect them to score and go for two and succeed.

Facing third and goal, O’Connell checks back in to seemingly throw the ball and, of course, he runs right up the middle and dives into the endzone for a touchdown nearly untouched. Purdue decided for just the extra point instead of completely crushing my soul.

7-0, Purdue and they have everything working offensively early. But then again...

And that’s already the end of the first quarter. Everyone wave.

Second Quarter

First play of the half, BF rolls Petras right and has a man open downfield but the Purdue pressure is a little too great and QB1 has to rush the throw. But, the run game start to strike with another patented Tyler Goodson run and a Pottebaum first down dive (his second of the game already) that gets the Hawkeye offense to the Purdue 22-yard line. A few plays later and facing 3rd and 4 on the seven yard line, Petras tries to throw a tunnel screen to Tyrone Tracy and NEARLY gets picked again. Legit should’ve been six the other way. I still don’t understand how the Purdue corner dropped it. It was like Petras was playing catch with him.

Shudak comes out, shanks the kick way left and my blood pressure has never been higher.

Still 7-0, OMHR.

O’Connell finds David Bell and he goes for 60-or-so odd yards. Purdue now on the Iowa 15 and Matt Hankins who just got burned, walks to the sideline. Iowa, once again throws the clamps on the Purdue offense and force the field goal attempt...THAT GOES WIDE RIGHT! HA HA! THE BIG TEN IS DRUNK!

Still 7-0, OMHR.

Quickly, before Iowa gets going again, Tory Taylor is such a gem. We are so lucky to have him:

In a blink of an eye and few more skrt skrts from Tyler Goodson (including a 32-yard break away), Iowa find themselves back in the redzone and facing a 3rd-and-2. You know what that means! QB SNEAK TIME BABY! Only this time, it’s a surprise sneak with Petras pretending to walk up to the line from the gun and snaps the ball quickly. Works like a charm, like it does every single other time BF makes the call. Two plays later, IKM punches it in for six and everything is right in the world once again.

All knotted up at 7.

Purdue finds David Bell and Broc Thompson for about a bizzillion yards on back-to-back passes and they are once again deep in Iowa territory. Sigh. A few plays later and a spot review that gives the Boilermakers a first and goal, they punch it in for another touchdown with 19-seconds left in the half.

Purdue gets the ball back to start the third quarter too.

14-7, this ain’t good.

BUT CHAZ RETURNS THE ROCK TO THE IOWA 45-YARD LINE. And then Spencer wastes 7-seconds running away from Karlaftis. Spencer kneels.


Third Quarter

Need need need need need need the defense to force a punt. Going down 21-7 would be an absolute blow. Let’s see what kind of adjustments this coaching staff made.

David Bell gets loose deep and Purdue is in the redzone again. Wow. Just wow.

After a huge Seth Benson sack, Iowa keeps Purdue from gaining another first down and forces the field goal. Could’ve been much, much, much worse.

17-7, Purdue. I. AM. STRESSED.

Bold Strategy Cotton...

And Iowa punts. Had possession for what felt like 12-seconds. Brian made a weird ass third down play call. I’m upset.

David Bell and some untimely penalties get Purdue right back into Hawkeye territory. Bell now has 8-catches for somewhere between 186 and 472 yards. Not sure which but it’s somewhere in there. He’s the boogeyman and Superman all in one body. If he didn’t always crush Iowa, I’d be salivating over him in hopes of the Bears trading four draft picks to get him. Meanwhile, in this dumpster fire of a game. Purdue faces a 3rd and goal with a little over two minutes left in the third quarter. This is the game. This is the game...O’Connell checks down to TJ Sheffield who dives for the endzone andddddd... touchdown? Down at the one? Fumble and touchback?

Official review... this is EVERYTHING!


Or not. First play, play action, no protection, Petras is sacked. Second play, Petras is sacked. Third play, incomplete. Punt.

Six yards of total offense in the third quarter. Tough pill to swallow. Hard to win games doing that. The dog is about to go for the longest anger walk of his life once this is finally over.

Fourth Quarter

Purdue gets a holding call and marches backwards. Iowa gets called for a pass interference on third and long. Purdue gets called for holding again. Purdue converts another third and long. And then David Bell torches the secondary with another double move and scores.

227 receiving yards. Third most ever for a Purdue player in a single game.

That’s it. That’s it. 24-7. Commence dog walk.

Well Chaz got me excited after a monster return to inject a little hope in my soul. But then Brian Ferentz called back to back QB sneaks on 3rd and 2 and 4th and 1. I am absolutely irate right now. How do you just mail in those two calls. Everyone knows what you’re about to do and you need to score a touchdown DESPERATELY. But, instead, let’s just rush the decision not once, but twice.

This has been an atrocious gameplan today.

Meanwhile, David Bell is still wide open and making plays when Purdue needs them most. Up to 11 receptions and 240 yards. And then there’s this:

Purdue ends up punting. 5:39 left.

After 8 plays and a little movement, Spencer is picked off for the exclamation point for Purdue. Let’s just call a spade a spade here...this was never close. Absolutely out coached and out performed today by Purdue and hats off to them for doing what they do. Disappointing doesn’t even begin to explain it. Iowa let Purdue dictate how this game was going to go and were bullied from the opening kick.

Oh and Petras was just picked off again.

Going to be a lot of questions that need to be answered the next two weeks before Iowa heads to Wisconsin.

I need a drink.

Oh and Petras was picked off again as time expired.