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Let’s say something nice about Penn State

It’s time to turn down the temperature

Penn State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Alrighty boys and girls, I think it’s time we finally turned down the temperature of the internet following #2 Iowa’s earth-scorching win over Penn State.

We’ve seen lots of vitriol from the eastern side of Twitter in the wake of the victory. If you’ve missed it this week, I can break down some of the Nittany arguments for you:

I can’t believe Iowa stormed the field following a win over a team that was ranked higher than them!

I can’t believe those college students are having fun!

Penn State would’ve blown the doors off Iowa if Sean Clifford didn’t get hurt! It was 17-3 when he got knocked out!

Actually it was 14-3 when he got knocked out and then also it became 17-10 when Penn State’s four star backup quarterback got the ball for the first time.

It’s OK Nits, I hate pesky facts too. It’s fine.

Iowa would get demolished in the Big Ten East!

Which Big Ten East? The one Iowa is 3-0 against this year? That Big Ten East?

And my personal favorite:

Booing opposing players!

That’s never happened in any other sport before!

Yeah, like Penn State needed to slow down Iowa’s INEPT offense. The same offense that our defense allowed a season high points total against. It’s not a good offense though.

Also, what’s the difference between momentum and tempo? And also also, can I just boo any sort of delay during a game that approached four hours of running time? Penn State fans must love it when we go from touchdown, commercial, kickoff, commercial, first down, commercial.

I think it’s just time we face the fact Iowa fans are CLASSLESS for booing Penn State players. Penn State fans would NEVER denigrate college kids playing a game for their own pleasure, let alone their own players whom they claim to support.

Listen, college football is not a moral enterprise to begin with. I probably shouldn’t have to explain that to Penn Staters, of all people! But it’s ok, we all need reminders from time to time.

I just can’t wait until we play Penn State again, which will definitely be in the Big Ten Championship this year, and not some time beyond 2025 when James Franklin will definitely not be coaching USC.

So let’s all scroll down to the comments, and talk about how sorry we are as Iowa fans, and say something nice about the Applebees’s in Martinsburg. Maybe even apologize for acting like the worst thing that’s happened since a bunch of Philadelphians booed Santa Claus. We’ll try and be better tomorrow.

Hope we didn’t hurt your boys too bad.