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Iowa Football: Hawkeye Fans Think Iowa is Overrated?

Results from this week’s fan poll are interesting as the Hawkeyes prepare for a big time road test.

Can Iowa exceed expectations while still being overrated?

The Iowa Hawkeyes are undefeated at 4-0 on this young season and already have a conference win to their name, as well as a road win over a top-10 opponent. But now the Hawkeyes face another major test as they travel to unbeaten Maryland to take on the Terrapins in a big time Big Ten showdown.

Ahead of tonight’s game, we asked Hawkeye fans a series of questions in the triumphant return of the SB Nation Reacts poll. As noted in the solicitation, this year’s version features more questions tailored to the Hawkeyes, though you still get some bigger picture questions about college football at large.

In week one, we focused on the first 13 of the Iowa football season that has already unfolded in front of us. Here’s a look at those results.

Who is to blame for Iowa’s offensive woes?

Offensive line 39%

All of the above 31%

Brian Ferentz 17%

Spencer Petras 10%

Kirk Ferentz 3%

This is a question as old as time. Or at least as old as anyone on the current Iowa football roster. The responses, too, look pretty familiar.

The next big question is whether those offensive woes continue into the matchup with Maryland tonight or whether Iowa can figure some things out - or rather clean some things up, as the Captain might say.

Is Iowa’s current ranking (5th) appropriate?

Yes 38%

No 62%

This one is a bit more interesting. Iowa fans are typically clamoring for more national respect. The year 2015 comes to mind. And here we have a season where the national media has granted that respect earlier than at any other time in the last generation of Hawkeye fans, and now we’ve decided Iowa is in fact overrated.

We’re a fickle bunch, I tell ya.

Has Iowa met, exceeded or missed your expectations so far?

Exceeded 70%

Met 24%

Missed 6%

The responses to the question on ratings fits in very interestingly with our last question. More than 60% of respondents don’t view the #5 ranking as appropriate while 70% of respondents think Iowa has exceeded their expectations.

As a reminder, our own polling before the season had Iowa fans pegging this team at 9-3 on the year. Most seasons, that’s a borderline top-10 team. We’ll see how things play out, but it seems like the masses are saying Iowa is a top-10 or top-15 team, but not a top-5 team. Perhaps we’ll ask who does deserve a top-5 ranking next week.

This week’s national polling question asked you all which game was the most intriguing of the weekend. Iowa’s Friday night showdown with Maryland didn’t make the cut for potential answers (a win tonight and they surely will make the list next week against current #4 Penn State).

Here’s a look at the results across all the SB Nation network of college sites.

As a reminder, you can participate in the SB Nation national polling by signing up here to join Reacts.