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College Football Week 1 Open Thread

There is college football today that does not involve the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Cincinnati v Memphis
The reigning AAC champion Memphis Tigers kick off their 2020 campaign today.
Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

There’s college football all over the TV today. That may be one part exciting and one part depressing as we realize it will be weeks, if not months, until we see the Hawkeyes playing live football on our TVs again. While there is the weekly re-watch schedule kicking off with Iowa vs. UNI 2009 today, watching other college programs in action is going to be bittersweet.

After a pair of games on Thursday got the palate ready, there are six on the docket today spread across ESPN, ESPN3 and CBS Sports Network.

You can catch a full rundown of the day’s schedule be checking out the weekly watch guide. The action kicks off at noon central and runs through an 8pm kickoff this evening.

Keep it clean in the comments. As frustrating as it might be that Iowa isn’t playing or that other schools are (depending on your views), this intended to be about the games we’re watching rather than views on their merits. Play nice, steer clear of politics and enjoy some college football.