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BHGP Film Room: Tracy Creates ‘Wow’ Moments

Tyrone Tracy Jr. looks to build on highlight reel freshman season.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 27 Holiday Bowl - USC v Iowa Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tyrone Tracy Jr.

5’11” 203 lbs - Sophomore (redshirt)

2019: 36 receptions / 589 yards / 3 touchdowns , 6 carries / 39 yards / 1 touchdown

Tracy had one of the most productive seasons for a Hawkeye freshman receiver in history. Following the injury to fellow receiver, Brandon Smith, the offense needed Tracy to increase his production. During that five game stretch, Tracy totaled 21 receptions for 371 yards and 2 touchdowns. He was a decorated high school recruit who shined with the ball in his hands making plays after the catch leading the Hawkeyes with 235 yards after the catch.


Tyrone Tracy Jr. is a special player with any open field around him. He displays a unique combination of agility, strength, and toughness. Few plays show this better than this 33 yard reception against Rutgers. First it’s the route running. Then it’s the agility. Finally it is the strength and determination. I need to just stop and let the film speak.

Tracy’s balance and lower body strength set him apart from many players. It is what gives him his short space quickness, and also allows him to break away from arm tackles. Once again, when he has the ball following a catch, he turns into a running back.

You better bring the calvary if you are wanting to get the stop. Rarely does the first defender bring him down.

There are not a lot of yards after the catch on this play, but once again he slips away from the first defender.

Bright lights bring out the best

When Iowa needed a big play, Tracy delivered late against Wisconsin. He continues to grow with crisp route running snapping off this post route and getting position on a corner who just doesn’t want to give up a big play. Notice how he reaches up to grab the ball with his hands and not simply run under the ball catching it with his palms facing up like many players would. Because he attacks the ball, he is able to bend the route just enough to create the space needed to get away from the cornerback.

Close quarters receptions

Following a smart audible, Tracy is able to capitalize on the defensive mistake. A catch like this is really underrated. He knows the safety is coming from the middle of the field and the laser down the seam combine to make a difficult situation. If he lets this ball get to chest first, the corner is likely able to rip it away.

Here he executes a perfect wheel route for a big play. His strength is really important as he's able to get away from the grab attempt by the defender.

Reverse Reverse

On this reverse, you see glimpses of his high school highlights when he was playing running back. He knows how to read blocks, change pace and direction, and finish the play moving forward.

Sometimes, he doesn’t need to use all of those skills, and you get a nice personal escort into the end zone by your quarterback.

Iowa returns one of the deepest receiving groups in the Big Ten, and Tracy’s skillset is a big part of that. His versatility being able to play inside and outside make him a unique challenge to defend. I expect Iowa to have specific packages in the gameplan each week to capitalize on the mismatches he creates.