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Why Iowa Football Can’t Beat Wisconsin (Part 1)

The one rivalry game that Iowa can’t seem to win...

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Since 2010, the Iowa football program has done a remarkable job at besting their rivals. In that span, the Hawkeyes have beaten Iowa State and Minnesota seven times a piece while currently holding 5-game winning streaks over both programs. In addition, the Hawkeyes have found success in the somewhat recently founded Nebraska rivalry, having beaten them six times in nine matchups.

With all that said, there’s one trophy that Iowa football doesn’t currently have in their showcase — the Heartland Trophy.

It doesn’t matter the year nor the players nor coaches, for whatever reason, the Wisconsin Badgers always give the Hawkeyes their best shot and since 2010, that best shot has resulted in the Hawkeyes losing seven out of eight matchups.

So, what’s the deal? Why can’t Iowa football figure out a way to beat to beat the boys from Madison, Wisconsin?

Please, step inside our film room as we assess exactly what’s been going wrong in the battle for the Heartland Trophy in part one of the “What Can’t Iowa Football Beat Wisconsin” series:

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