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Passing the Time in an Isolated World - Part Deux

What I’ve been watching and reading.

Another week of social distancing in the books. While it seems as if there are some signs of restrictions easing in some areas of the country, it will still be an incredibly slow process and one that may be highlighted with repeated stops and starts.

This weekend post is supposed to be a place where you can share some ideas with the group on what to watch or read or do to help make things more manageable.

In that vein, this week I’m:

  • Reading: The Russian by Ben Coes.
  • Bonus Reading: Old issues of Golf Digest hoping to have some fresh ideas for my admittedly poor golf game.
  • Watching: Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu and Rogue One on Disney+.
  • Playing: Trouble, rummy, and Exploding Kittens.

I initially wanted to have this article share what former Iowa athletes were reading and watching but unfortunately didn’t get too many responses. One that did respond will ultimately become a future Q&A so we’ll save that one. However, Frank Garza let me know what he was up to when he wasn’t making Luka even more dominant.

Garza is reading Travels of Marco Polo, 13th Century Travelogue and is watching Cosmos: Possible Worlds. Makes me a little embarrassed to say that I’m watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine after seeing this, but it is what it is!

So there it is. Nothing too mind-stressing, just ways to get through these challenging times while trying to keep spirits high. Throw us some ideas in the comments.