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Five for Friday: Iowa City Night Life

Rough week at work? Where would you head in Iowa City?

What is your go to spot for fun in IC?
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With all the animosity between groups out there, and no I’m not talking Democrats and Republicans, I wanted to try something out where everyone is always correct.

On Fridays, I will throw out a topic asking for your top five in whatever the conversation is that week. I’ll give my opinion and then read your choices in the comments section. We’ll keep this going as long as there is some participation.

As these are your (or my) opinions, we can’t be wrong so just have fun with the topic.

Five for Friday

It’s the Lenten season and I always try crazy things that are very out of character. This year, I am attempting to give up beer the entire 40 days. As of this writing, I have managed this for nine days so far or just over 22% of the way!

With that said, once Easter rolls around, I will anxiously be seeking a cold beverage. Although I won’t be in Iowa City at the time, let’s pretend that I was. If so, here are the five places that you could most likely find me.

  • The Fieldhouse: I am of middle age, unfortunately, so when I was of college age, these bars were a lot more modern though I’m not sure The Fieldhouse could ever have been called modern. You could find me here simply for nostalgia sake. Perhaps things have went downhill a bit since I was here last or perhaps Christopher L. is a pampered brat?
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  • The Airliner: Same as above. I had way too many good time here to exclude them from the list. Pizza and beer make it pretty easy for me to like you. As I put my name on the posts, I can’t give away too many juicy stories but I have them.
  • Sports Column (Spoco): The final from the list a tribute to my younger days. I seem to remember cheap prices and lots of girls, tough to not enjoy as a lass. Looking at the current specials, I would say the prices are still cheap and it’s probably a zoo now for the older crowd.
  • Deadwood Tavern: Everyone says that they are a dive bar fan so if that’s true, you’ve probably been to Deadwood. I stumbled upon this establishment a few years ago and had a good time and have been back a couple times since. Lots of games to play and you can still smell the smoke of days gone by.
  • Big Grove: I’ll be honest, I haven’t been here but it’s gotten rave reviews and the next time I’m in town it will be at the top of my list. Craft beer, live entertainment, and a beer garden set up for a great time. Big Grove, you’ll soon have some of my money.

What are your favorite watering holes in Iowa City? Have any stories to share?

Go Hawks!