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Ask Me Anything: Let’s Get Weird

The Hello Jerry Mailbag is back with a new name for a new, weird time.

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-Southern California vs Iowa Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s my second Monday of quarantine. It’s about noon I think, but time really doesn’t matter anymore. My dog, Kinnick, is sleeping on my feet after a morning or afternoon or evening (who really knows) round of fetch. I have a book I really want to finish open and next to my morning coffee. And I have the 10-best Wrestlemania Matches on my television as I gear up for what will surely be the weirdest World Wrestling Entertainment Pay Per View of all time.

Oh, and I guess I’m working too.

But none of that is really doing the trick in terms of mental stimulation. You see, my mind is still wandering far and wide. I cant focus. I can’t stop thinking about how wild of a time we’re living in. How one day, my children are going to ask me about the start of 2020 and how this was the start of a changing tide. I can’t stop thinking about how weird it was to drive through downtown Philadelphia Saturday night on my way to my sister-in-laws new house and not seeing a soul out at a restaurant or bar.

Despite the 8 things I have surrounding me that could use my undivided attention, it’s all just a bunch of back ground noise.

That’s where you all come in. After talking with JPinIC, I’ve decided to make a comeback in the mailbag/comment bag/AMA realm in hopes of giving all of you at least 10-15 minutes worth of escape and maybe a few chucks along the way.

And if that doesn’t work, at least you all gave me the opportunity to turn my brain on for an hour or so.

So, now that the explantation is out of the way, I need your questions. You can literally ask me anything. It can be about the pandemic, the Iowa Hawkeyes, Wrestlemania, my haircare routine, how we record SpoCo Radio, or why the latest season of Ozarks left a shit ton on the table. I don’t care how personal you get. I’m ready and willing to dive into whatever rabbit holes you all deem necessary. As always, this is my way of opening up BHGP to you, the great and reliable people.

You can leave me questions on my Twitter page (@JerryScherwin), you can add them in the comments below, or you can email me directly at and I will compile them all for your reading pleasure this Wednesday.