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Frank Garza creates ‘Let the Peacock Fly’ scholarship for Iowa teachers

Luka Garza’s father Frank announced Wednesday he created a scholarship foundation called ‘Let the Peacock Fly’ for teachers in Iowa.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Michigan State
Luka Garza’s father Frank created a scholarship for teachers, he announced Wednesday.
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On Wednesday, Frank Garza announced a new scholarship for Iowa teachers.

The Let the Peacock Fly Scholarship covers airfare, lodging, and tuition to attend a national conference of the teacher’s choosing.

“Dear Iowa Teachers, Thank you for the kind words/messages; my apologies for not being able to get back to you. I wish to invite you to apply for the ‘Let the Peacock Fly’ scholarship,” Garza tweeted.

“Allow me, and countless unknown others, to thank you teachers, coaches, and supervisors, for caring beyond that which was required on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and decades basis, and for your commitment, and the vigilance required, to continually mold, guide, inspire, and ignite the imagination and joy for learning in our youth. It is a lifetime gift,” Garza wrote on his website’s scholarship page.

For those interested, the requirements are simple: it’s for a teacher (grades 7-12) in the public school system that coaches or supervises an extracurricular activity.

To apply, all you need to do is fill out a few information fields, such as email, phone number, what conference you wish to attend, and more.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying, click HERE to go to Garza’s scholarship page.

It’s an incredible gesture by Garza. Teaching can often be a thankless job, and those in the education field deserve more than they’re paid for.

If you know a teacher, reach out and thank them for all they do. And point them in the direction of this scholarship if they’re interested, too.

Garza’s made it known he cares greatly about teachers in the public school system, and you should too. On his website, he offers “Let the Peacock Fly” merchandise like shirts, backpacks, and stickers, and it’s all for a good cause. 55% of the proceeds go to Iowa public schools 7-12 grades and 45% to ELEVATE youth programs []. It’s all for a great cause.

Garza’s “Let the peacock fly” brand all started when he was mic’ed up during an Iowa basketball game. Garza said, “You’ve got to let the Peacock fly,” in regards to Luka Garza.

Since then, the motto has taken off, not just on social media, but also in terms of Garza’s brand, which has gone out of its way to support teachers in the Iowa public school system.

Frank Garza has also taken it upon himself to showcase Luka Garza’s workouts, giving fans and media an inside look at the All-American’s regime. It’s a unique look into Luka Garza’s tough training.

But again, if you or someone you know may be interested in Frank Garza’s scholarship (or, if you’re interested in buying some of the Let the Peacock Fly merchandise), head to his website.