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WATCH: Iowa Basketball’s One Shining Moment(s)

Why not spend your day watching Iowa basketball highlights set to the greatest song of all time?

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

We should all be in basketball hangovers today after the four greatest days of the year, featuring college basketball back to back to back to back.

Instead, we’re in day whatever of a sports wasteland. There’s no buzzer-beaters to discuss, no run by Luka Garza and the Iowa Hawkeyes to celebrate in the NCAA Tournament to celebrate or early exit to lament. Instead, I’ll be spending the day watching the ‘One Shining Moment’ compliations of the Hawkeyes’ 2019-20 season that keep floating up on Twitter.

The original, created by Iowa Basketball video coordinator Tom Deatsch (@tdeatsch17), made its way around Twitter last week. Check it out below.

Inject it into my veins, why don’t you!? So many fun memories.

Now today, Twitter user @hawkeyes_sports has released their own cut of the season highlights. Truly, I could watch these all day. This song, and some (albeit masterful) editing could probably get me excited about both of the season’s losses to Purdue, too. Maybe that’s asking too much.

Anyway, check it out below:

What’s your favorite highlight from this season? Got your own version of One Shining Moment to share? Send it our way. We’ll take all the basketball we can get at this point.

As always, go Hawks.