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Iowa Basketball: Hawkeyes Finish 2019-2020 Season Ranked in AP, Coaches Polls

The season didn’t end the way Iowa fans wanted, but it does end with the Hawkeyes in the top 25.

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NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Michigan State
Fran McCaffery’s Hawkeyes finished the season on a skid, but stayed inside the final rankings.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

With the cancellation of the 2020 NCAA Tournament, we’re seeing an expedited timeline on a number of things traditionally reserved for April. One such item is final rankings. With no post-season play, both the AP and Coaches Polls were released this week, a month ahead of schedule.

The Iowa Hawkeyes remained in the top 25 in both polls, but just barely following a two-game skid to end the year. The Hawkeyes lost their last two at home to Purdue and on the road at Illinois. They were deprived of their opportunity at revenge against the Fighting Illini when the Big Ten Tournament was called off and any chance to move back inside the top 20, where they spent most of the back half of the year, was ruined by the NCAA Tournament cancellation.

In the AP, there was an interesting amount of movement given the limited number of games played. Wisconsin, for instance, managed to climb a spot not because they did anything last week, but because BYU lost in their conference tournament. In total, 9 teams have a new spot in the final rankings vs. a week ago.

Here’s the full poll:

1. Kansas (28-3)
2. Gonzaga (31-2)
3. Dayton (29-2)
4. Florida State (26-5)
5. Baylor (26-4)
6. San Diego State (30-2)
7. Creighton (24-7)
8. Kentucky (25-6)
9. Michigan State (22-9)
10. Villanova (24-7)
11. Duke (25-6)
12. Maryland (24-7)
13. Oregon (24-7)
14. Louisville (24-7)
15. Seton Hall (21-9)
16. Virginia (23-7)
17. Wisconsin (21-10)
18. BYU (24-8)
19. Ohio State (21-10)
20. Auburn (24-6)
21. Illinois (21-10)
22. Houston (23-8)
23. Butler (22-9)
24. West Virginia (21-10)
25. Iowa (20-11)

In the Coaches Poll, there was also quite a bit of movement. In total, 11 teams shuffled spots this week. There’s also a bit of a shakeup on the back end of the top 10 as compared to the AP. as Michigan State is behind Maryland here and outside the top 10 altogether. Wisconsin is another Big Ten team getting less respect in the Coaches Poll. They come in at 19 here as compared to #17 in the AP. Iowa again comes in at 25.

Here’s the full poll.

1. Kansas (28-3)
2. Gonzaga (31-2)
3. Dayton (29-2)
4. Baylor (26-4)
5. Florida State (26-5)
6. San Diego State (30-2)
7. Kentucky (25-6)
8. Duke (25-6)
9. Villanova (24-7)
10. Creighton (24-7)
11. Maryland (24-7)
12. Michigan State (22-9)
13. Louisville (24-7)
14. Oregon (24-7)
15. Seton Hall (21-9)
16. BYU (24-8)
17. Virginia (23-7)
18. Ohio State (21-10)
19. Wisconsin (21-10)
20. Auburn (24-6)
21. Butler (22-9)
22. Illinois (21-10)
23. Houston (23-8)
24. West Virginia (21-10)
25. Iowa (20-11)

This marks the 11th week the Hawkeyes have been ranked in the AP top 25 this season. That’s two fewer total weeks than a season ago. However, this marks the first time since the 2015-2016 season the Hawkeyes have finished the year ranked inside the AP top 25.

With just seniors Ryan Kriener, Bakari Evelyn and potentially former walk on Riley Till departing, the Hawkeyes figure to pick up right where they left off this season when things kick off in 2020-2021. With player of the year candidate Luka Garza coming back (hopefully), Iowa is a lock to enter the year in the top 25. At least one too early ranking has them pegged as a top 10 team entering the offseason.