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Coronavirus Emotional Outlet Open Thread

With no college athletics on the docket for the foreseeable future, we may need an outlet for all the emotions Hawkeye fans are coping with.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Iowa
It’s a sad day in college athletics.
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The last few days have been a complete whirlwind. The sports (and rest of the) world has been completely turned on its head with every major sporting event in the country officially on hiatus.

There will be no Big Ten Tournament. There will be no NCAA Tournament. There will be no March Madness. There will be no NCAA Wrestling Championships. There will be no Track and Field or Baseball or Softball seasons. It’s all gone.

We don’t know how long this will last or what the eventual impacts may be. Upcoming NFL and NBA drafts are in question with evaluations on hold. College recruiting visits are suspended. Classes across the country are cancelled or being held remotely. There are no practices. No meetings. Nothing.

These are truly unprecedented times that we’ll all look back on with bewilderment.

At our core, we are a fan site. The community here doesn’t visit because we’re excellent journalists or because we have inside scoop. You’re here because of the community around us. Without any of the Iowa sports stuff that we would typically congregate around, we’ll no doubt have plenty of time to go stir crazy together and get back to the fun stuff.

But for now, we’d like to simply provide an outlet for whatever it is you’re all feeling. The sadness, frustration, disappointment - all of it. This is a (nearly) no judgement zone. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the situation and how you’re coping, before we move forward with making light of the situation we all now find ourselves in. Please share in the comments and be respectful of all thoughts and opinions.

Go Hawks