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FanPulse week 11: Faith in Iowa basketball holds strong despite losses

Iowa basketball has lost two of its last three games, but in no way is the sky falling.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The results are in, and despite Iowa’s recent losses, the confidence in Iowa basketball continues to rise.

Last week, 95 percent of you voted that you had confidence in the program. This week, that percentage rose to 98.

Listen, I don’t think it’s out of this world to hold high confidence in Iowa even after that dud of a defeat in West Lafayette to Purdue. Yes, defense was miserable in the game, but that hasn’t been the case up until this point and against much better teams.

Iowa has quite the resume at this point, and one lopsided loss to a capable team on the road is no reason to throw it out the window. The sky is not falling.

Let’s not forget Iowa toppled Illinois in the game prior to the Purdue loss. The Hawkeyes have seven conference wins for a reason.

Luka Garza is still doing Luka Garza things, and as long as he’s clicking, Iowa isn’t going anywhere. While CJ Fredrick and Joe Wieskamp didn’t have their best performances against Purdue, they are excellent complements to Garza, and the Hawkeyes will be just fine.

In other news, SB Nation asked which programs were the best surprises this season, and the results are in:

San Diego State ranks first, followed by Baylor, Rutgers, Dayton, and Florida State. The For what it’s worth, the Hawkeyes lost to the Aztecs on No. 29 and beat the Scarlet Knights on Jan. 22.