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FanPulse Week 12: Iowa basketball confidence steady

Following Iowa’s smooth win over Nebraska, confidence in the Hawkeye basketball program remains high

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Note: The below results are from before last night’s loss at Indiana. That result will be reflected in next week’s poll.

The FanPulse data is in, and confidence remains high in Iowa basketball.

Last week, 98 percent of you voted you were confident in Iowa basketball. This week? 97.

Listen, this isn’t too much of a drop off to be up in arms about. Sure, the win over Nebraska was nice. To me, I considered it a tune-up game. Revenge for what happened earlier in Lincoln, if you will.

But above all, it was great to see Iowa respond positively after a dreadful loss to Purdue. The Hawkeyes found themselves on the wrong end of a scorching shooting performance by the Boilermakers, and they just could not keep up.

The Nebraska game was a totally different story. Luka Garza got his 22 points, but it was Joe Wieskamp that stepped up big time, scoring a career-high 30 points in the win. 20 of those points came in the second half. It was an all-around solid game for the Hawkeyes — nothing too crazy that would make fans buy in any more than they already have.

Also of note, SB Nation asked you which team was the biggest fraud this season. Auburn led the way, netting 21 percent of the votes, followed by San Diego State (19 percent), Maryland (16 percent), Kansas (13 percent), other (11 percent), Dayton (nine percent), and Louisville (six percent).

Listen, I can totally understand the Auburn and San Diego State picks. But Kansas? Maryland? I’d disagree with those two, personally.

Did your confidence fall in Iowa hoops? Increase? Is there another team that should be the biggest fraud? Let us know in the comments below.