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Missouri Backs out of Music City Bowl

The hits keep on coming

Christmas Decoration In Shenyang Photo by Yan Bo/VCG via Getty Images

This year has no quit. Reports surfaced this afternoon that Missouri has officially backed out of the Music City Bowl against Iowa.

The news comes just as Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz was set to return after his own bout with the disease. It was also foreshadowed a few hours earlier when we learned Iowa’s Brandon Smith announced he was forgoing the game for NFL prep.

Thamel Tweeted that Music City Bowls have reached out in order to find a replacement team with a four day notice, but later reported that the game will not happen.

In either case, this blogger asks, who could possibly fill the shoes of a 5-5 Missouri team?

The news is especially frustrating considering Iowa’s week nine game against Michigan got canceled after the Wolverines privately canceled their season in October.

Adding more salt to that wound, Iowa forced its players to stay in Iowa City for the holidays and isolate, while Missouri players went home and spent time with their families.

The SEC: it just means more.

Anyway, barring something crazy happening (which can happen!), the 2020 season for your Iowa football Hawkeyes is over, and the healing can begin as we reload to 2021.