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Join the BHGP Bowl Pick ‘Em!

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Iowa
Do your best to not showboat too much if you win.
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Alright folks, it’s that time of year. Bowl Season is upon us and it came quick. Bowls officially start on Monday, December 21st. A calendar shows that’s today.

As in years past, we’re hosting a community pick ‘em this year. It’s very late notice and yes there are games today but it’s 2020 and it wouldn’t have felt right to actually give people time to prepare for anything.

So, this year’s pick ‘em is hosted on ESPN. You can find a direct link to join the group here. The group name is BHGP Bowl-o-Rama if you’d rather join that way and you’re going to need the super secret password to join. Get out your Orphan Annie secret decoder pin and jot this down: LOLbraska.

OK, now that you have the vitals for joining, here are some important details. This is a confidence pool, meaning you need to rank your picks. If you join up after games have already started (first kick on Monday is at 1:30pm CT so this is rather likely), you’ll have 28 remaining games to pick and rank. The more confident you are, the more points you assign to that game. Picks are straight up rather than against the spread because nobody wants to be betting spreads with Boiler (shameless plug to read the PONKS each week).

And most importantly, there are prizes on the line. Yes, PRIZES. First place will win a one year subscription to BHGP* as well as a $50 Amazon gift card. Second place will get the same one year free subscription but no gift card. The rest of you are out of luck.

And that’s it. That’s what you need to know. Get joined up and win free money!

Group Name: BHGP Bowl-o-Rama
Password: LOLbraska
Link to Join

*Note: there is no subscription needed to read the site and there are no plans to add a subscription tier. This is a poor attempt at humor in a year that needs all the poor attempts at humor it can get.